2nd amendment: Campus Life

Should the 2nd amendment stop on a college campus?

What does the staff think?

This controversial topic has been viewed as both good and bad. The right to have concealed firearms on college campuses. The most recent state to accept the law was Texas in 2013. After speaking with some staff members at College of the Mainland, I understand that their stance on guns is pretty even. Board of Trusties member Rosalie Kettler stated that "...If some of those kids had guns, I would be a little frightened myself..." That seemed to capture what most of the board thought about the new law. Then I went to the advising department. I asked "If there was an armed shooter on campus, how would you protect yourselves, or escape?" They responded with "We have a police station very close to our department and are very faithful in our protection." Overall the students on campus are all for it, but they are aware of the responsibility. Only those who go through a rigorous training are allowed to carry firearms. If they are found to not obtain a license, they would be arrested.

What is my opinion?

I think that we indeed should allow guns on campus. The facts have shown that students and staff alike are for the most part all for it. Guns make the campus life more secure and safe. If you took guns away, the assassin would have an easy job. My opinion changed throughout my investigating, but now I am sure I am pro guns.

The 2nd Amendment was 2nd for a reason...

As a founding father once said...

"...The strongest reason for people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in Government..." - Thomas Jefferson