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March 3, 2023 - Issue No. 24

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Happy Friday SRES Families!

March is National Reading Month! Yesterday was Dr. Suess' birthday and on Monday, Ribby, from the Keene Swamp Bats will be here to kick off the Reading with Ribby reading challenge! SRES will also begin school-wide book buddies this month which will run through the beginning of June. 1st and 2nd grade are having fun with March Madness a book bracket. And, don't forget, the SRES PTO also sponsors an ongoing Reading Challenge (a flyer and forms went home earlier this week). Read, read, read!!

This morning we were treated to a performance this morning by the Compass Storytellers! Students from the Compass School came to SRES to share their talents retelling three stories: Abiyoyo, Flap Your Wings, and Where the Wild Things Are. SRES students were invited to participate as they took on a variety of roles to enhance each story. Ask your student which story they enjoyed most and if they choose to be a part of the performance. Thank you Compass Storytellers!

Winter Sports

  • Thank you to our volunteers! Without you, our program would not have been possible.
  • Swimming volunteer: Patrick Dezafra
  • Skating volunteers: Johannah Gleason, Rachael Adams, Desiree Plante, Patrick Barry
  • Okemo volunteers: Trista Brown, Christina Aguiar, Terri Derby, Shawna Inbar, Evan Lowy, Katie Elliot, Deb Tolaro, Nicole Carrier, Rhea Waite, Mike King, Burleigh Sunflower, Tristan Brennan and Skye Peebles
  • Thank you, too, to Linda Kinney for making the hot cocoa each week!

Looking ahead:

  • March 6th: Rockingham Annual Meeting (school portion to begin around 8pm)
  • March 7th: Town Meeting Day; No School
  • March 14th: Dental cleanings at SRES! Be sure to sign up!
  • March 15th: Early Release at 11:45am
  • March 17th: 2nd trimester ends; Mismatched Day!

Enjoy the new snow! Sounds like both Saturday and Sunday will be perfect for outdoor adventures!

Your partner in education,

Laura Hazard

Winter Sports Okemo
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Okemo Rental Gear Return Dates/Times

Okemo will be accepting gear at the Snow Stars facility at the Clock Tower base area.

Drop-off will be available from 2 pm until 4 pm Monday through Thursday this week and the following week.

Where: Clock Tower base area in the Snow Stars Facility.
When: 2 pm until 4 pm Feb 27th - March 2nd and March 6th -March 9th


Mrs. Stephanie Fuller

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Kindergarten and First Graders completed their Zones of Regulation books this week and brought them home to share. I hope your child was able to read their book to you! As a final Zones activity, students made feeling faces using PlayDoh and then had a classmate guess the feeling and zone that they created. Students really enjoyed this activity as you can see in the pictures!

Second, Third and Fourth Graders completed a team building activity called "Zoom!" Students brainstormed what teamwork looks like and sounds and then were able to put what they shared into action by putting together the Zoom puzzle. All classrooms were able to complete the challenge and it was a good activity to practice perseverance and cooperation. Here are some pictures of the students working together to solve the puzzle!



Girls on the Run is back for another season. Participant registration is now open for 3rd or 4th grade girls. Please email with any questions. The program starts on March 27th.

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On Tuesday's in March, a dental hygienist will be visiting SRES to clean students teeth. If you want your student to be seen and have not sent back the dental form, please contact Nurse Jenn at:

Phone: 802-869-2637 or Email:

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Need Health Insurance?

Visit or call 1-855-899-9600

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's health.

Phone: 802-869-2637 or Email:

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Mrs. April Putnam

We came back from vacation this week and hit the ground running! We started a new unit in Fundations, worked in our writing journals and we learned about tens and ones.

In ELA we are working on tapping out CVC words. These kindergartners are doing a wonderful job identifying beginning sounds. We are now working on identifying ending sounds. We also began group writing in our journals this week. They have really been working hard on letter formation.

In Math we have been working on our addition skills and learning to find how many more we need. A new concept that we learned this week was tens and ones. This group really worked hard to understand the idea of place value. They are also getting better each day at counting to 100!

We are wrapping up our hibernation unit and will begin our unit on frogs next week. That means Spring is almost here!


Mrs. Jillian White

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Reading: During Reader’s Workshop time we have continued our nonfiction deep dive. We have been learning about strategies readers do to ask and answer questions about key details in the text. We learned about the “Stop-Think-Jot” strategy. For this strategy, students stop, think, and jot about a new interesting fact they learned, a question they have, or when they meet a new word that they are not sure of while they are reading. Try this out at home while you are reading with your child with some sticky notes or a journal!

Fundations: In Fundations time, we wrapped up our suffix -s unit. We learned the new trick words: who, what, where, here, there. Ask your first grader to write them and mark the part they need to know by heart!

Math: The first grade mathematicians wrapped up their unit on equality. We played a game called “Swish or Foul” where we looked at different number sentences and used our strategies and math tools to solve for if the number sentences were true (a “swish”) or false (a “foul”). We also learned new games such as “Domino’s Equality”. Next, we will be doing data collection to go along with our “March Madness Tournament of Books”.

Writing: Students have been working on editing and revising their final drafts of their how-to writing pieces. We will be having an author’s party the week of March 13th for students to read their how-to books to each other and celebrate their writing.

Science: During our science time, we have been learning about light. We have learned that light passes through objects differently depending on if they are a transparent (all light passes through), a translucent (some light passes through), or an opaque object (no light passes through).


Ms. Jennifer Herman


  • Second Grade Readers started learning about a new nonfiction genre: biographies. In Interactive Read Aloud, we have focused on biographies of women who have changed history for Women’s History Month.


  • These writers started writing their nonfiction books. They practice writing a topic sentence for each section that describes what they are going to write about in that section.


  • Second graders reviewed reading and writing words with the vowel-consonant-e (silent e) spelling pattern. They are also learning how to read these words with suffixes.

  • Students are also practicing being able to read and spell the following trick words: move, house, only, place, together, right.


  • Second Grade Mathematicians are working on strategies to add multiple 2 digit numbers. They challenged themselves with a problem to find a way to buy different priced candy to equal exactly $1.00. They loved the challenge.


  • This week we started a new Social Studies unit on map skills. Students were excited to explore different maps and what they noticed on them. They will continue to learn about the features of maps and how to use them to follow directions.




Ms. Bethany Williams

Math: The third graders have started a unit on division. This week, students have read, The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins, to learn the concept of having a larger number and dividing that number equally into smaller groups. This week, students have worked on dividing larger numbers into 2, 3 and 4 groups.

Reading: The third graders have reviewed common versus proper nouns as well as different forms of prefixes and suffixes. They are now looking to recognize examples of affixes and proper nouns in the books they read both in class and on their own.

Writing: The third graders have begun to learn how to use quotation marks in their writing. They have learned that tags can come in the beginning, middle and ends of sentences. They have also learned how to separate tags from the words that characters say.

Social Studies: The third graders completed their unit in Black History of America. They studied many historical African Americans who made the world a better place in different ways. The students studied individuals who fought to end slavery like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. They studied people who fought for civil rights like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Finally, the students studied, Mae Jemison, Jackie Robinson and Langston Hughes who changed history through science, baseball and poetry respectively.


Mrs. Jaimie Douglass

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  • This week in math we learned how to use a half-circle protractor to measure angles. We learned that it is important to first decide if it is an acute or obtuse angle, which then helps us determine the angle measurement. Today we created our own angles using masking tape on our tables and then challenged each other to measure them.

  • In our reader’s workshop we have spent the week “finding the proof.” This has had us reading for evidence, using context clues, and highlighting text. Thursday we had Ms. Deb Kardane, WNESU’s Director of Instruction and Innovation, lead us through a vocabulary lesson using one of our science books. We look forward to future lessons using some of the activities Deb shared with us.

  • In writing we wrapped up our slideshow on Black History. In all we learned about 15 famous African Americans. We are now beginning work on a new unit: The Wax Museum Project. This will entail choosing a famous American and using informational text to research, create a giant poster, and write a short speech on their chosen person. These will be shared with other classes, and we hope, families at the end of the month!

  • In science, we were visited by Meredith Wade, WNESU STEAM Coordinator. We were able to use D-cell batteries, aluminum foil, and mini light-bulbs to create simple circuits. We look forward to another visit and opportunity to explore more electrical energy materials next week!


  1. Snow Gear is still needed daily: snow pants, jackets, boots, hat, and gloves.

  2. Sneakers or other shoes, so that we are not wearing wet boots all day long.

    1. PE is Thursday and Friday - sneakers are expected!


What’s This Nonsense?

You may have heard your student or their teacher mention nonsense words. What is a nonsense word? It’s a string of letters that follow common spelling patterns but does not have meaning. Here are some examples: daf, shug, climp. They aren’t real words, but we can read them if we know the sounds of the spelling patterns.

Why would teachers ask students to read words that aren’t real? Teachers ask students to read nonsense words to learn more about their knowledge and application of phonics skills when decoding unknown words. It helps teachers determine if students have memorized words, are using context cues, or are truly able to decode based on spelling patterns.

The ability to decode nonsense words especially helps students when they come to unknown multisyllabic words. If you can read the nonsense words “par,” “tic,” “u,” and “lar,” then you can probably decode the real word “particular.”

This is why teachers assess and practice reading nonsense words!


Ms. Dianne Clouet

Today in the library children were given ample time to explore Maker Space activities. Maker Space is always available, but it usually comes after a library lesson and book borrowing. For several weeks Maker Space will rise in prominence during children’s library time in order to let their creativity and problem solving fly.

Students really enjoy gathering at the end of library class to share their projects with peers. Today in 4th grade D.J. read a short book he’d written about A.I. and the future. In third grade many students shared! These included a project that focuses on friends a breastplate and helmet for fighting demons, a beautiful multimedia creation, and a mask.


Mr. Benjamin Pickard

Kindergarten students did some work with tennis rackets. In addition to making contact with the ball, we learned the importance of controlling your racket. In the picture, you can see students running with bean bags while keeping the racket flat. Students also learned the importance of safety when using tennis rackets. Kindergarten students did a fantastic job giving their best efforts.
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Mrs. Alisa Daigneault

Our Concert and Art show will be Thursday March 30, 2023 at 6:30 PM at the Bellows Falls Union High School Auditorium. We will have a dress rehearsal on the same day in the morning. All students should plan on attending. More information to come!

All grades have been busy choosing songs and movement activities for our concert. They have been very thoughtful in their selections. It will be a wonderful night! This concert is planned by students and will be performed by students. How exciting! Our concert is going to be so much fun! See you there!

Kindergarten, First and Second Grades have continued their weekly/daily work in our First Steps Curriculum. They have chosen songs and activities from lessons they have learned this year.

Kindergarten is practicing: These Are Grandma's Glasses, Oh Ricka Bamboo, Frosty Weather and their movement as clocks in Pizzicato Polka by Delibes.

First Grade is practicing: Tall Trees, Grizzly Bear, I Climbed Up The Apple Tree and taking a country walk in Country Gardens by Percy Grainger.

Second Grade is still working on narrowing down their favorites (which is a tough job for all classes). Among their favorites are: All Night Long, Pickin' A Spot and Standing Like A Tree. They have narrowed their choices of movement down to three! We will see what they decide in the next week!

Third and Fourth Grades will be combining their efforts in some of their favorite songs. Inch By Inch, Red Red Robin and We Will Build This House are some of their favorite songs to sing. They will be performing the dance "Bo Diddley" in a longways set.

We will have some all school and all audience songs. Be sure to bring your best singing voice, as we will have special parts for you to say and sing.

I appreciate all of the hard work and thought our students are putting into the planning of this special night. We can't wait to see you there!

Mrs. Daigneault,

Music Educator


Mr. Jay Palmisano

4th Grade

Fourth Grade artists have been hard at work finishing up their full body portraits! They are coming out very well with their hard work and creativity. Keep up the great work artists!

3rd Grade

Third Grade artists have been working on their comic book unit. We are creating a comic book from a 4 paneled strip, to a 6 paged comic book! These artists have wrapped up their comic strips and comic pages, so they will be moving onto the comic book next class. Keep up the great work!

2nd Grade

Second Grade has finished their pop art inspired superheroes! We explored the work of Andy Warhol and his work in the Pop Art movement. Inspired by their bright and vibrant colors we created a new superhero!

1st Grade

First Grade artists have been finishing up their Lego Self-portraits! We learned about Lego artists like Nathan Sawaya and his work with legos as his materials. Inspired by his work we created ourselves as lego versions!

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Monday: Cooking Club

This week we finished up our cooking club with energy bites. These were a big hit with the students. I hope you will try these at home.

Tuesday: Craft Club

Watercolor painting was the craft on this day.

Wednesday: Choice Club

Tonight our choices were straw building, Legos and more watercolor painting art.


March 2nd was Dr. Suess's birthday. So we celebrated by making green eggs and ham. Ask your students how they tasted! Each ASP student also made bookmarks.

Friday: Board Game Night

I wonder what our favorite game is tonight! Make sure to ask your ASP student!

Session 4 begins Monday, March 6th!

Our clubs will be as follows:

Monday: Stem Club

Tuesday: Choice Club

Wednesday: Craft Club

Thursday: Dance Club

Friday: Board Game Club

We also have a few more activities based around Dr. Suess books throughout March and we will be continuing to enjoy this late winter snow!

Friendly reminders: Please send in water bottles with students each day. We are outside for afternoon recess, please send winter outwear in with your students daily.

Don't forget to check out our ASP bulletin board in the front lobby!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Tina White

SRES ASP SIte Coordinator

PTO Reading Challenge

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