Technology Expectations

Do's and Don'ts of using Technology in Miss Grego's Class.

Digital Citizenship

Since Franklin Elementary is now 1-1 with devices, students will go through a series or Digital Citizenship lessons at the beginning of the year. I am confident that students will be more responsible and respectful with technology once they know what it means to be a good Digital Citizen in Miss Grego's class.
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When to use or not to use technology

Inappropriate Use of Technology:

If students are using their devices inappropriately or when they are not supposed to be, students will be asked to put their device on Miss Grego's desk and will have to use paper and pencil for the remaining assignments for the day. Students will fill out a "Technology Time" sheet at home that night, then the following day they can get their device back from Miss Grego if their "Technology Time" sheet is filled out to expectation.

Your Device = Your Responsibility

Taking Care of Your Devices

If students are signed up in the LMC, then they are allowed to take their devices home with them after school. This means third graders must be responsible with their devices; students must keep their devices protected and are responsible for bringing their devices back to school each day with adequate charge.
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Most Importantly...

If we follow all technology rules, then we can have fun with our classroom devices!