The Warrior's Heart

By: Cameron Mills

Eric Greitens

Eric Grietens is a humanitarian who helped aid workers heal orphaned children in the middle-east. His role is very important because he helped so many people. He is kind and respectful , "My parents wanted me to be kind and respectful and I am" . Exposition: Eric started out as just a regular kid but he wanted to help people. Rising Action: As Eric grew older he started to box to get stronger because he was weak and small. Climax: Eric went to the middle-east to help orphan kids survive. Falling Action: Eric then joined the seals to help fight overseas. Resolution: After Eric served overseas he left to go back to America.


In America it has a warm climate around 85-95, but in the middle east it can be around 100-115. Also it was around the 2000's so they didnt have great technology. The Author was actually Eric Greitens. Some of the main characters Are eric, derrick, earl, and bud/s trainers. The main conflict is when he becomes a navy seal. They finally beat their enemies.


The book is set in America and the Middle-East. In 1776 2.5 million people lived her now 314 million people live here. Russia and America are less than 4 km apart at the closest point. Not all Arabs are Muslim. Arabs are part of an ethnic group.
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