fourth grade rats

by Jerry Spinelli

The reason i like this book is beacuse it says this and i think it's interesting to me

First grade babies, Second grade cats, Third grade angles, Forth grade Rats so when suds hit his thumb hard it heart him a lot so when he said the pain of his thumb disappeard when Judy Billings whose next to him.Then the other thing i like about this book that suds had a lunchbox sance he whose in first grade and the lunchbox whose a Eephants on the lunchbox. Then when joey got stung by a bee the girls all thought he whose brave and they all left out suds.Next Judy Billings the girl that suds loves always and she followed Joey then when Joey went to the nurse room Judy ask if she can touch his muscle and suds got jealous and Joey pretand to love Judy Billings and get suds made and suds says Traitor then Joey says i'm not a traitor and suds hides under a car and Judy whisper into suds ears.