Carbon Cycle

How does fossil fuels impact the Carbon cycle?


When humans burn fossil fuels,the stored carbon is realized into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. The carbon is then free to cycle through the earth and can upset the natural balance of the carbon available , changing the way that proses occur on earth



The most obvious environmental impact from the oil and gas industry is the burning of oil ,which real else's several smog causing pollutants and greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.



Under natural conditions the realese of carbon from fossil fuels occurs slowly, as they are sub ducted into the mantle,and CO2 is realesed through volcanic activity. However,humans are heavily reliant on fossil fuels, and extract it from the lithosphere in great quantities. Burning coal,oil,natural gas, and other fossil fuels- for industry activity and power generation for example,removes the carbon from the fossil fuels and emits it as CO2 into the atmosphere. []