Kindergarten Happenings

November 21, 2014

We talked about our families!

Look at what we did!

  • We read Abuela by Arthur Dorros and learned the words adventure, country, remind, and glide. Ask us what they mean and for an example of them! We used Abuela in both our reading and writing mini lessons.
  • In reading, we learned how readers can also be like storytellers. We can use our voices and bodies to help us get into the story. We can be act like the characters might act, sound like the characters might sound, and even feel like the characters might feel.
  • In word work, we practiced writing the letters E and Z.
  • In math, we went over addition again and expanded it to within 10. We learned that you can use pictures and manipulatives to help you see and solve the math problem.
  • In writing, we focused on the most important parts of the story. We used the most important part to help us tell a whole story with a beginning, middle, and end. We tried to make sure to include some of our feelings and reactions in the story too!

Sight Words

Here are the sight words we are currently working on. Please review these words with your child. Writing sentences, flash cards, and pointing out the sight words around them or in Take Home Books are all great ways to practice the words. We have found that when your child is able to read the words with little hesitation, they are much more successful with reading the books at their level because they can then focus on decoding other unknown words in texts.

I, can, see, a, like, the, me, look, at, me, my, am, is

Family Projects

We have been presenting all of our family projects this week and we have thoroughly enjoyed all of the presentations! Your children are so proud to teach their classmates about their families! We know that family members helped their kindergartener gather pictures and artifacts and we ALL thank you!!

Gingerbread Houses

During the week of December 1st, kindergarten is learning all about gingerbread! We are reading different versions of the story and doing comparisons between them. Starting that week, we are building gingerbread houses (not for consumption) for our art project! We need your help with the supplies! If you would like to donate, below you will find the links for each kindergarten class. Be sure to click on the correct link so that what you donate will be used in your child's class. If your child's class already has all of its supplies, feel free to check the other classes or ask your child's teacher if there is anything else needed. Please send in supplies by Monday, December 1st. It will certainly be a very "sweet" project!!

Ms. Leganza & the Star Kids

Ms. Dais & the Comet Kids

Ms. Kilgo & the Sunshine Kids

Ms. Gaston & the Rainbow Kids

Kindergarten Themes

Here are the themes that we will have until Winter Break.

  • Our Families and Traditions
  • Gingerbread
  • Winter Holidays
  • Hanukkah
  • Christmas

Upcoming Event and Reminders

  • Wed, Nov 26 - Fri, Nov 28 - Thanksgiving. No school for students
  • Thurs, Dec 11 - Delayed Opening. Doors will open at 9:25am

Next week, we will…

  • read Thanksgiving books and continue to use our bodies and voices to get more into the story!
  • do Thanksgiving addition story problems to practicing drawing pictures to show our thinking!
  • write a Thanksgiving story together as a class!
  • visit each kindergarten classroom for more Thanksgiving activities!