By:Grant Lavigne

When and where was he born?

1477 in Pieve di Cadore, Italy

Where did he spend most of his life?

Titian spent most of his life in Venice, Italy

Description of his education or training

Titian lived with his uncle while working as a apprentice for a mosaic artisan named Sebastiano Zuccato.

What type of art did he create?

Titian created paintings such as the "assumption of the virgin" and "Pesaro Madonna".

Description of his life/lifestyle

Titian's life was all about painting. He painted for Popes, churches, Dukes, and Kings.

who were his patrons?

He Painted for the future Duke of Mantua, Federico II Gonzaga. Titian mainly painted for the Mantuan Court. Also worked for the Duke of Urbino.

Which two of the "isms' or Renaissance ideals are most closely linked to Titian? Why?

Huamanism and Seclurism because he painted humans with or about Religion.
Big image

"Christ Crowned with the Crown of Thorns"

When was this piece created?


Where might you see this piece today?

You can find this piece in the Louvre Museum

What was so significant about this piece?

Its an archetypal exemplum doloris, "example of pain"

Why do I find this piece interesting?

I find it interesting because that he was so brave and they were so mean to him.

Description how the his piece of work exemplifies at least one Renaissance "ism" or idea.

Humanism because they believed that they could solve their problems with reason and without Jesus.