Whitsitt Elementary Library

Check Us Out!

Sept. 1, 2013


Now that all classes have begun check out, please send only two students at a time with library passes, if they are coming independently. If you have a student that takes too long or selects books that are too difficult, you might want to send a responsible student to help them. Sometimes I am teaching and unavailable to help with their selection. Also, Mrs. Vite is only here at Whitsitt on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Friday. Be sure to let me know in advance if you want to send students for research or as a center or if you need to send a large group students for check out. Thank you for your help!

Media Permissions

I have had a few media permissions forms turned in so far. Please send any you have to me as you get them. I am going to mark all the students in PowerSchool so I can generate reports that tell me who can/cannot have pictures posted on the school website. Please label any forms with your name before sending them. Thank you.

Menus and Team Planning

I have met with the first and third grade teams and have been working on Library Activity Menus as a result of those meetings. I will be meeting with the fourth grade team on Tuesday and would like to schedule meetings with Kindergarten and second grade teams sometime this week or next. Team leaders,  let me know the best time to meet.

Technology Committee

If you would like to be on the technology committee, please let your team know you are interested in representing your grade level. As soon as I know the committee members, a meeting will be scheduled.