The Yellow Hammer

Basic Facts

State Alabama, capital Montgomery, U.S region the southeastern part of the U.S.A, state bird is the Yellow Hammer, State horse is the Racking horse, state flower is the Camellia.
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Features and Details

Alabama's oldest mountain is the Cheaha mountain. Alabama's river called the Cahaba river is the longest free-flowing river in Alabama. Alabama had a population of 4.849 million in 2014.
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Natural Resources

Alabama's natural resources are they have plenty of rainfall, a variety of soils, trees, pines, wood & oaks.
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Economic Industries

Here comes some economic industries, they have oil & gases that make carpets, they have led, cotton, soybeans, mining iron, ore, livestock corn, poultry, coal, steel making, lumber, peanuts, hydroe letric power, limestone.
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Major Natural Disasters

Here comes one major natural disaster. Alabama had a huge earthquake as a matter of fact it was the greatest and biggest earthquake in Alabama, it was the Trondale earthquake in 1916.
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Previous Events

Here are some previous events that affected the people in this area and how have they adapted, they adapted by coming together and buying things, building things. It affected the people in this area by killing them and injuring them.

Different Ways Humans Have Changed This State

Humans have changed this state by growing crops such as cotton. Also it grows sod. here are 2 examples 1. Abington cotton mills, in huntsville established in 1906. 2. Adelaide cotton mills, Anniston; incorporated in 1900.
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