Ernest Hemingway


1. Born in Oak Park, Illinois

2. Fought in WW2

3. Was in 12th infantry Regiment

4. Wrote a book " The moveable feast."

5. It was about his life in Paris.

6. His son is a safari hunter

7. Wrote a play called "The FIfth Column."

8. Won the Bronze star in WW2

9. Was an alchoholic

10. Was a hunter

11. Fisher

12. Was in WW1

13. Wrote "The old man and the Sea."

14. It won the Pulitzer Prixe. ^^^

15. Suffered from deppresion.

16. Mother Grace Hall.

17. Was a journalist in Chicago.

18. Wrote "The Sun Also Rises"

19. "The Torrents of Spring"

20. "Men without Women"

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