Benjamin's country

Flag Of Akwasi

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This is a black and white flag. It has a very strong meaning it means that black and white people are always equal no matter what. This flower with black stars means the stars are black people that are in the centre and the white people are the white part, they all are parts that connect with each other and are equal. This is what my country is about.

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The major communities, land forms, climate, vegetation, and wildlife

Vegetation: This country is a country with lot's of forests and that we do the best we can to make products of wood that we can sell to our people and around the world for money and good business. We have our forests in the far east and have slective cutting, we also have a corn field that is just used for corn to sell to our people because we love corn.

Landforms: are some rocky parts like moutains and dry areas that just have dust but no deserts just rocky moutains and forest areas.

Trees such as oak trees, pine trees,elm trees, red maple, and olive tree.

Animals: you see there are birds, lions, tigers, ravens, blue jays, red robins, raccoon's, squirrels etc.

Climate: Akwasi has a hot climate and sometimes cool mostly 21(hot) or -1(cold). The skies sometimes cloudy but not often and it rain a good amount of times. It's mostly hot in September because of the conditions and area that the land is in, there are times where it's cold but the country through out is warm.

There's lot's of land but little people. The major communities are water parks, a huge tower called The Big Ben. Forest touring, Viewing a bridge, wonderful sight seeing, and business that are known through out this world.

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Akwasi Climate Graph Chart

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Total Population, Birth rate, Death rate, Immigration rate, emigration rate.

The total population of Akwasi is 21 million.Our Birth rate is 2.1 and our death rate is 1.1. The immigration rate is 1.0 and the emigration rate is 1.0. This is a multi cultural country that is many people coming and leaving. we have the same amount of people coming or going because Akwasi is not well known and is not really heard of, so that's why this country is small.
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Akwasi Population Pyramid Graph

This is a stationary country because of the equal ages and high birth rate and low death death rate. This is a developed country that had lot's of resources and is very quiet to the world but known for helping other countries and doing to best to support everyone, With a good price as well too.
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Industry and Environment

The natural resources are Gold, Fresh water, Farming, Fishing,and mining

The Gold industry makes jewelry, that are exported and sold for money. The water factory sends water to parts is the world where they don't have water and does there best to help support them. We farm wheat and make bread, we do all other things that you farm with wheat and sell them to our people and export them all over the world and to parts where they don't have bread for free. The fishing industry is good as well we make fish food like salmon and all types of fish that are in our seas and ship them to parts to the world and our people, we send them also to the needy parts of the world. The mining comes from the gold and we make good money of it for the jewelry and everything else we export these thing as well.

We export Gold, Water, and food(farming, fishing)

We Import oil, other types of food such as meat, fruits, and dairy products.

Environmental Issues and Green initiatives

The environmental issues are water pollution because there are some indusdries that dump bad stuff in the water and because of that we weekly clean the water and do our best to keep it clean.

The Green initiatives are we limit the water pollution, clean the waters weekly, limit carbon monoxide air yearly/monthly. Use mostly solar power, and wind power.

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