The Water Cycle

Everything you need to know about about the water cycle.

Step 1 in the cycle:

Evaporation is the first step, when any type of water, puddle, lake, ocean, or pond, get warm by the radiation that sent heat waves through the air turning the water into water vaper and the water vaper goes up into the air.

Step 2 In The Cycle:

Condensation, once the water turns into water vaper convection happens, and the vaper will turn back into liquid form (aka fog) which turns into clouds in the sky.

Step 3 in the cycle

Precipitation, when this happens the clouds get to heavy with water and so the cloud releases some of the water, and this is what makes rain. Then once the water touches the ground conduction happens and the water heats up.

Step 4 in the cycle

Runoff is when the water reaches the ground, and the water gathers at the top of a hill; the water gets too full and goes down the hill to a lake, pond, or puddle, forming a stream on the way down.