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Sherburn Hungate Weekly News - Autumn Term 1 - Issue 2


A word from Mr Broom.

Our second week back in school is almost over and I must say, it feels good to be back in a routine, both at work and at home with my two boys. I'm sure you're also enjoying the routine too.

I was really impressed in my first week at Sherburn Hungate and this week, I continue to be blown away by the wonderful attitudes of our children. As a school, we're having a big focus on Independent Learning and Growth Mindset (the 'I Can't Do It...YET mentality) and I can already see the impact.

It was lovely to meet our year six parents on Tuesday and Wednesday, when we held our parent, child, teacher briefings with Miss Horner and myself. We're all focussed on the same end goals of achieving our full potentials and the messages were clear for us all. Thank you once again, to those of you who came. Next week, it's the turn of year five.

Meet our new Junior Leadership Team

Over the past week or so, elections have been taking place to appoint our new Junior Leadership Team (JLT) members for each class in school. Our JLT (formerly the School Council) play a very important part in the life of school, making decisions that directly impact on the children in school.

Parent/Child Information Updates

It's that time of year when we ask you to review the information that we hold for your family. Our data sheet for your children will be sent out today. Please check it thoroughly and update any information (e.g. mobile numbers, address changes). We would like you to return your copy to school by Friday 22nd September.

Thank you in advance.

Parent Consultations for Reception through to Year 4

Our first parent consultations will take place on Monday 25th September 1300 - 1800 and then Tuesday 26th September 1500 - 1700.

As it's early in the year, the purpose of the meetings is to talk about how well the children have settled in, an opportunity to meet with the class teacher and to share and positives or queries you may have. We've scheduled the appointments in 5 minute time slots as we have many children to discuss. Should you need a further meeting, we would appreciate it if you could make a further appointment at a later date.

Restart the Heart Training for Y5/6

Our Year 5/6 children have the fantastic opportunity to work with Julia Spencer from Resuscitation Council UK on the afternoon of 16th October. Children will be learning CPR skills, getting to know what to look for with heart related illness and basic defibrillator information.

The learning of life skills is very important and i'm delighted to be working with the Resuscitation Council on this project.

For further information:

September survey gives many positives.

Thank you to everyone who completed our parents/carer September questionnaire. The survey was completed by 45% of our parent/carer body and there are many things to celebrate:

- Most positive was that everyone said that their children were well looked-after at school and that many of our children are very happy.

- Almost all parents/carers who completed the survey would recommend Sherburn Hungate to a friend.

- Almost all parents/carers who completed the survey said they felt welcome when they come to school. You most certainly are very welcome!

Next steps for us to work on together.

As with all surveys, there is inevitably things to work on and improve. We don't get it right all the time but we've already began working on some of the suggestions:

- Almost half of parents wanted to see more extra-curricular activities.

This year, as I mentioned in last week's newsletter, we have already confirmed 7 different clubs, ranging from Nature Club to Choir. There's also more on the way. Clubs will begin when the year six children return from Low Mill.

- 80% of parents/carers said that school encourages parents to play an active role in school life.

This week, we've had a key stage two open afternoon where our parents/carers came along to see what's happening in school. If you see anything on the class Twitter feeds that you think you can help out with, we're always looking for experts so please get in touch.

- We need to let you know more about the curriculum that your child is following.

Last week, our class newsletters went out to all parents, sharing the topics/activities to be covered for this term. Our new website is now well on the way and we've created a 'school community calendar' that you can access/view. Twitter is also on the way and for those who sign up, you'll be able to see lots of what's going on.

Sherburn High School Open Day

Sherburn High School are holding their open day on Saturday 23rd September. Information will be sent out to our Y4, 5 & 6 children later this week.

School Entrance Display

I'm in the process of making an entrance display to celebrate the wider learning that our children undertake. If your child is involved in a club, sport or activity outside of school, we'd love to hear about it. Any photos would be most appreciated. I'm also going to be talking about 'who inspires you?' soon and the work created can go alongside the information brought in. Many thanks in advance.

Flu Vaccines

We're in the process of offering the flu vaccine from Reception through to Year 4. Further information is available at this website where you will find the online consent form.


It's important that children attend school regularly and at Sherburn Hungate, we recognise that excellent attendance leads to excellent achievement. Fact!

Congratulations to Reception who are our attendance champions in school this week.

As you can see below, out attendance in many classes is way above the national average which is fantastic. Thank you for your support on this.

The overall attendance this week is 97.3%. Fantastic!!!!!!!

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