Martin Newsletter

October 2021

House Shirts

At Martin Elementary we have a House System designed to give each of our students a sense of belonging, pride in our campus and teach students the importance of friendly competition. Each student is sorted into one of our four houses: House Citrine (yellow), House Emerald (green), House Garnet (red), and House Sapphire (blue).

Each Friday is House Spirit shirt day! If you would like to purchase a House shirt for your child at the cost of $13.00 each for children and $16.00 each for adults.

Payment can be made in cash. Shirts and sizes are available while supplies last.

If you are unsure about the House your child is in, please contact his/her teacher. Thank you and we look forward to another great year with our Houses!

Report Cards

Report Cards will be available October 14th. Report Cards will be sent mailed home, look for the Report Card sleeve with report cards, certificates, and other important reminders/information. Parents, please sign the Report Card sleeve and return to the teacher.

To access your child's report card electronically, please login to your Home Access Center profile. Every parent will need to create a profile through Home Access Center to access their child's grades.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

Although Alief is currently distributing meals free of charge to the community, it is very important that these applications are completed and returned to your child's teacher. These applications help our campus receive additional funding that directly benefits students through resources, program, and supplies. Please click on the link below for more information.


Students are highly encouraged NOT be to bring backpacks to school at this time. As we have to socially distance the desk, the backpacks on chairs create tripping hazards in the classroom. We also want to discourage the collection of papers and toys.

We HIGHLY encourage parents to continue to send students to school with a mask for their protection and the protection of others. Please send extra clean mask in case they are needed.


We HIGHLY encourage parents to continue to send students to school with a mask for their protection and the protection of others. Please send extra clean mask in case they are needed.

Nurse Notes

Parents, our priority is to keep your children safe and healthy as we still face the COVID pandemic. Continue to encourage your child to wash hands frequently, wear their mask (when appropriate), drink lots of fluids, choose healthy habits and outdoor exercise! Please continue to teach your child how to put on and take off their masks safely. It is highly encouraged to keep their masks on while at school, except for drinking water and eating breakfast or lunch. Please be sure to fill out the emergency contact portion of the registration card. It is important that we are able to contact someone in the event of an emergency at school, especially during this time. Consent forms are available for COVID testing in the event that the child exhibits symptoms while at school or has been in contact with a COVID positive individual. Students will not be COVID tested without a consent form signed by the parent. Forms are available at the front office.


All students must have their age appropriate immunizations current before returning to school Contact your family doctor to check if your child immunizations are up to date. Send the updated records to the school nurse at If you choose to opt out of vaccinating please provide the school nurse with a notarized Affidavit for Exemption. If you already have an affidavit from the previous year, an updated one is required.

Flu Season

Yikes, we’re still in a pandemic and flu season is almost here. Monitor your children closely for flu-like symptoms

Some Ways to prevent the flu are:

· Get your flu shot

· Wash your Hands frequently

· Wear masks

· Follow up with your family doctor when your child displays symptoms

Suspect COVID

If you suspect your child or a family member has COVID-like symptoms remain at home, contact your doctor immediately to get tested or visit Crump stadium (Monday-Friday from 7am to 11am or 12pm to 3pm, Sat 8am-12pm)

If positive, the student will quarantine for a period of 10 days and may return, if within 24 hours student is symptom and fever free. A negative COVID test is NOT required to return to school; CDC states that a person can still be positive for up to 90 days after infection, However, the person is NOT contagious. Please notify the school nurse at if your child tests positive.

Home Access Center

In order to receive important information regarding your student, we must have your correct phone number and email on file. To update this information, please call our Registrar during regular work hours at 281-983-8363.

Once this is up-to-date, you can gain access to the Alief Home Access Center. This is the location you will receive emergency information, your child's Progress Reports and Report card, gradebook access, and other important information.

For details on how to login and navigate the Home Access Center, please click below:

Alief Home Access Center Information

Beginning of the Year Paperwork

Thank you for sending back important official documents! If you haven't already done so, please remember to return completed forms of: registration cards, clinic emergency cards, lunch application...etc.

Counselor's Corner

Where has 2021 gone? It is hard to believe we are still living through this pandemic, but I must confess that it is wonderful to see students back on campus. While things are still not back to normal, we have done our best to create a "new" normal here at Martin Elementary. We have taken precautions to keep students safe, while continuing to give students the best classroom experience we can.

This year we are focusing on social emotional learning (SEL) through Character Strong Curriculum, which embeds SEL competencies into character education. Each month, students will focus on a different character trait. They will have the opportunity to explore the trait throughout the month through discussions, games, mindfulness activities, brain breaks, and lots of activities that not only help build classroom community, but teach students essential skills.

I will be sending families a monthly newsletter that will introduce the month's character trait and provide activities families can do together to put the trait into practice. It will also contain games and links to other resources such as books and videos.

We know many students and their families have experienced trauma and family loss. I am here to offer support to students and their families through individual and group counseling. In addition, we have district counselors who can come to Martin to provide free counseling to students and provide referrals to community agencies.

Some of the topics I will discuss with students this year are:

  • Friendship
  • Bullying
  • Making good choices and learning about consequences
  • Managing stress and emotions
  • Taking responsibility
  • Showing empathy
  • Exploring college and career choices
  • Getting along with others
  • Learning how to communicate in a healthy manner
  • Identifying own feelings and learning to regulate them
  • Developing skills for self-care
  • Respecting diversity
  • Respecting others’ opinions.

Phone 281-983-8363 extension 22577 (Martin Elementary)

Google voice call or text: 281-668-8953

Email: or

Big picture


In literacy, students will be working on letters in their name and writing their name with a model. Students are working on print: - concepts in books - front cover of the book, - where to begin to read, follows directionality from left to right, - points to each word when reading. Students are also focusing on phonological awareness where they segment words in a four word sentence. It is where they count words in sentence. In math students are working towards counting forward to 10 and identifying numbers 0-3. They are also working on learning shapes: circle, triangle, square, rectangle and oval. At this time students should be able to name shapes and be able to count words in a sentence.


Kindergarten students have completed Module 1 of HMH curriculum and have started Module 2. The theme of Module 2 is “There is Only One Me!” and we focus on what makes each student special and to celebrate differences in others. We are using characters called “Alphafriends” to learn letter sounds. We are also practicing sight words, counting syllables, producing rhyming words, and working on beginning reading and writing skills. In math, we have finished teaching numbers to 10 and are beginning to learn about size, length and weight. Now that we are finished with numbers to 10, students should be able to read and write numerals to 10, count and compare groups of objects, and know one more and one less than a given number up to 10. In science, kindergarteners are exploring changes from heat. They are learning what heat does to different objects and materials. Once finished, they will start learning about heat, light and sound energy, then magnets. In social studies, students are currently learning about how to make decisions which will be followed by U.S. symbols. The U.S. symbols that students will learn about are the bald eagle, American flag, and the Statue of Liberty.

1st Grade

In Literacy, we will be completing Module 2, My Family, and My Community, which focused on everyone having a community and a family and how each person can make his or her communities and families special. Module 3 will be focused on animals' characteristics and how their bodies helps them survive. In Math, students are working on addition and subtraction strategies within 10. They will be exploring the various tools that are available to them to help them solve these types of problems. In Science, we are finishing Changes from heat. The focus was on students understanding that material can change by removal or addition of heat. In addition, they should be able to differentiate between solid, liquid, and gas. Next, we will move on to Unit 2. First thing we will cover is Forms of Energy. We will focus on light, heat, and sound energy and how to identify each one in our everyday life. In Social Studies, we are finishing Unit 1 with Freedom week and symbols of our country. We will cover symbols: Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty, United Stated Flag, and Texas Flag. We will practice reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge to the Texas Flag. Finally, we will practice voting for students to have a better understand the concept and for them to see that voting is a way of making choices. Next, we will start Unit 2 with Hispanic Heritage, in which we will identify contribution of influential individuals and how these individuals have influenced our community.

2nd Grade

Welcome Back!!! We are so happy to see the faces of our amazing Martin Mustangs! We have truly missed you, our school is off to a strong start. All of our second graders are working hard! In literacy, we have just finished Module 2: Look Around and Explore that focused on exploring the world around us. Students read about the states of matter and read texts that inspired them to look at the details in the world around them to learn new things. In the following weeks, we will be working on Module 3: Meet in the Middle. This module is connected to social studies and focuses helping our students to become problem solvers. In Math, we learned number sense, place value, and 3-digit additions with regrouping. Students learned to how to use different strategies when adding. In the upcoming weeks, we will be working on 3-digit subtraction with regrouping and start the bar model unit. Student can use bar models to help them better comprehend the math problem and the necessary operations (addition or subtraction). In Science, we are halfway through our Matter and Energy unit. Students learned about physical properties, changes in heat, and changes in physical properties. In the second half of the unit, students will learn about energy, how it changes, and how it is found in nature. In Social Studies, we have finished our first chapter, My Community, My Country. Students learned how to be a good citizen, rights and responsibilities, branches of government, our leaders, and the country’s symbols. In the we upcoming weeks, we will be working in Chapter 2: Working to Meet Our Needs. Students will learn about the principles that rule the economy like needs, wants, goods, services, producers, consumers, and making good choices when it comes to spending money. Students also started their beginning of the year testing in iStation and iReady. Students can use apps like iStation, iReady, and MyON at home. Please encourage students to read 20 minutes each day. It is so good to see our students in person again! We are looking forward to an amazing year.

3rd Grade

In Literacy, students will begin identifying text and graphic features in various texts. They will read articles to undercover the main idea of a given passage. In Math, students will use multiple models to represent addition and subtraction word problems. We will also challenge them to use bar models to represent the word problems. In Science, students will begin Unit 2: Force, Motion, and Energy. Students will explore the different forms of energy in everyday life such as mechanical, light, sound, and thermal energy. We will close the unit by demonstrating various types of forces such as push and pull, force of gravity, and magnetism. In Social Studies, students will learn about Earth’s resources and how the environment influences how and where people live. We will discuss ways we affect our environment by some of our everyday choices such as recycling waste and conserving water.

4th Grade

In literacy, we have completed Module 2: Come to Your senses, which focused on informational text where students read a variety of text & media that presented information about the 5 senses. In our next module, we will focus on challenges encountered in the past- historical fiction & nonfiction. Students will Rise to the Challenge & have opportunities to build knowledge across different genres, & synthesize what they are reading. We will continue to learn about the writing process as we begin our next composition-an opinion essay.

In math, we have been working on rounding, estimating, whole number multiplication & division. Over the next nine weeks we will work to represent the product of two numbers & the quotient of up to a four-digit number. Some strategies we will learn include: arrays, area models, & standard algorithm equations. Next in science, students will be able to explore & differentiate the forms of energy. We will focus on thermal and electrical energy as we learn about conductors, insulators, & how electricity travels. Students will also design an investigation to explore the effects of force on an object. In our next chapter of social studies, students will discuss and explore the origins of the First Texans. Students will also identify different Native American groups in Texas and North America before European exploration and their way of life.

Specials Classes


The 1st nine weeks began with students learning the Physical Education CHAMPS and student expectations and rewards. The first question asked of students was, "what does P.E. stand for?" and "why is physical education important?" The question of "what are the short term and lifelong benefits of physical education?' were answered. Students started their physical participation by learning how increasing and decreasing their heart rate through movement can benefits their heart and fitness. HIIT Station workout activities where students work for 30 seconds then rest for 15 seconds was used to increase and decrease heart rate. Another activity used was Sea Creature Tag, which consist of chase, flee, and dodge while keeping their body under control and will increase heart rate. The Second focus was on developing cardiovascular fitness, timing and rhythm through learning jump rope skills. Ending the 1st nine weeks and moving into the 2nd nine weeks student have started learning about outdoor recreation activities in the form of an obstacle course challenge that will promote a physically active lifestyle. Student are asked what they can use at home to make their own obstacle course at home. In the 2nd nine weeks students will be introduced to Yoga, and how it helps focus on cognitive awareness, flexibility, and strength. In the 2nd nine weeks Golf will be used to teach dominant hand and focuses on concepts of force, aim and accuracy. Students will then be taught to recognize that eating a variety of foods produces energy for physical activity; and identify the best source of hydration during physical activity.

Health Tech

In Tech, students are learning about the different ways a computer can be a useful tool and how to safely navigate when online. Schoology is a big part of our online learning, so students are beginning to review how to navigate to the different parts of it. For Health, students have been working on learning the importance of eating healthy and staying active as we progress through the school year. Nutrition is an important part of every child’s education. Now students are better able to make better choices about the foods they eat and take more responsibility for their health and their bodies. Also, keeping your body neat and clean is as essential to good health as nutrition, exercise and sleep!


In art, we are learning how to use the Elements of Art to create art. We have been focusing on the Art Element: Line in August and September. We are creating relief prints, collages, drawings and paintings. Be on the lookout for your child's artwork, we are sending artwork home when they come to their art class this rotation. In October we will be having our annual Big Art Day Event. This year's event will be collaborating with Color A Smile. They are a nonprofit organization that distributes cheerful drawings to senior citizens, our troops overseas, and anyone in need of a smile. inside our art class, we will be working on painting, collage, and mixed media art this next 9 weeks.


Martin Musicians have been learning all about the Steady Beat! Students have learned how to find the steady beat while clapping, playing instruments, and dancing. Students also celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by learning more about instruments from the Caribbean and South America and singing songs in Spanish. As we continue our musical journey, students will be exploring different composers and musical styles. As we approach Holiday season, students will listen to music that celebrates various holidays and cultures and will learn more about the global community of music.

Library Happenings

The Martin Elementary Library is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month! We are learning about notable Hispanics and their accomplishments by reading about them in our digital resource Britannica. Check it out on the Alief HUB! Be on the lookout for our book fair in October. Can’t wait for students to explore all the books on sale!

BOOK FAIR coming soon! October 18- 22

Coming Celebrations

October 14 Character Trait focus: Honesty (dress in blue)

October 25 5oth Day of School, wear attire from the 1950's

October 25-29 Red Ribbon Week

October 29 Big Art Day

November 4 Character Trait focus: Empathy (dress in purple)

November 9 60th Day of School, wear attire from the 60's

November 22-26 Thanksgiving Break

November 29 Student Holiday

December 1, 70th Day of School, wear attire from the 70's

December 2 Character Trait focus: Cooperation (dress in green)

December 15th 80th Day of School, wear attire from the 80's

December 17 Holiday Sing Along

December 20- January 3, Winter Break January 4 School Resumes

January 13 90th Day of School, wear attire from the 90's

January 28 100th Day of School, YAY!!

Dates to Remember

October 6-8, NO SCHOOL

October 11 2nd 9wks begin

October 14 Report Card ready in Home Access Center

October 15 Awards Assembly via ZOOM

October 18 Pumpkin Judging

October 22 Fall Pictures

October 18-22 Book Fair

November 4 Progress Reports ready in Home Access Center

November 15-19 Family Engagement Week

November 19 Turkey Trot (Fun Run)

November 29 NO SCHOOL

December 1 Student Council Toy Drive

December 2, Progress Reports ready Home Access Center

December 9 Winter Pictures

December 17 Last of 2nd Grading Period

January 4 School Resumes, 3rd 9wks begins

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