ERPD March 19, 2014

Lakeshore Middle School

Welcome and Celebrations

  1. Job well done on Monday and Tuesday for early release and 3 hour delay due to inclement weather.
  2. Welcome to Jennifer Saldo, the new EC teacher.
  3. Outdoor classroom materials delivered and being set up (weather permitting).
  4. On site Minerals field trip let students experience the "elements" in more that one way.
  5. Quill AND Art students competing in State competitions, and Band students going to MPA.
  6. Students are "moving out" of interventions.
  7. Dusharm and Wells have new grandbabies.

Learning Targets


  • I can use the personalization features on my MacBook Air device.
  • I can use features on my MacBook Air device to create instructional materials to personalize learning.
  • I can use features on my MacBook Air device to create instructional materials to personalize learning.

Continuous Improvement:

  • I can explain the reasoning behind the PDSA model and reflective practice.
  • I can identify all the key components to an authentic PDSA process.
  • I can identify what the 9 HYIS are and how to utilize them in the classroom.


  1. Design model (classroom)
  2. IMPACT Goals
  3. IMPACT Continuum
  4. Connections to I-SS Learning Triangle

Model Blended Learning Lesson

Blumberg and Radcliff

Click here to go to Mrs. Radcliff's website and download the Facebook assignment.

Please fill out the TEG feedback survey from the Feb. 12 make-up sessions. Thanks!

Session A: Review and practice of CATS training on OS X basics

  1. Apple Desktop - Menu and Systems Status Icons
  2. Dock - How to customize
  3. Trackpad - Techniques and settings
  4. Spotlight, Finder and LaunchPad - What do they do?
  5. Closing, Minimizing, Maximizing and Quitting Apps
  6. Safari - Bookmarks vs. Topsites
  7. Downloads - Viewing and settings
  8. Trash - How to empty
  9. Flashdrives - location and proper eject procedures

Session B: Intermediate functions and applications

  1. Reading List - Viewing internet content offline.
  2. Favicon - What is it and what does it do?
  3. Safari Reader - Avoid distractions when reading internet content.
  4. Text to Speech - Helping struggling readers.
  5. Saving documents - How to save and file documents.
  6. Screenshots
  7. Connecting to a Data Projector
  8. Connecting to a Wireless printer
  9. Wi-fi - How to turn ON and OFF.
  10. Synching email
  11. Creating Apple ID

Session C: Advanced Applications

  1. QuickTime - Audio and computer screen recording
  2. PhotoBooth - Taking pictures and Video
  3. AirDrop - Wireless file transfers

Continuous Improvement

All the following resources are located on the LMS Wiki.

  1. Do Strategies
  2. PDSA revisited
  3. Exemplar plan statement
  4. High yield instructional strategies
  5. Why PDSA PowerPoint

The SIP templated document and current LMS SIP's are located here.

Cite it right!

Image citations, please click here to find resources.

  1. Welcome to Macintosh
  2. Learn
  3. Mac OS X
  4. Apple logo
  5. QuickTime and PhotoBooth = screenshot
  6. Cycle arrow
  7. Citation needed
  8. Team
  9. Feedback

Goal Teams

Teams will revisit School Improvement Plans and revise Goal statements to align with data resources and deployment steps.

You can access digital copies of each SIP here.

TEG Feedback

Please complete the ERPD Feedback survey before you leave today. Let us know what was helpful so we can continue strategies that work, and what we can do to improve the quality of your future ERPD sessions. Thank you all for your time and your effort today and everyday!

Please complete the TEG feedback survey for the March 19 session before you leave today. Thanks!