Madison Dance Project 1st peroid 12-9-14

Full Name:

Martha Graham ( Mother Of Modern Dance)

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The Day Martha Was Born and Died

Martha Graham was born on May 11, 1894 and died April 1, 1991

Where Was Martha Spend Most Of Her Life:

Martha spent most of her life in Allegheny city witch is not know as Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Martha's Dance Background:

Martha Graham attended this School

What They Have Contributed To The World Of Dance And Modern Dance Specifically:

In 1926 she made her own company and named it the Martha Graham Dance Company . Martha's dance company was one of the oldest in America and it was founded in 1926. She help develop many famous people. Martha's company help alot of famous dancer such as Erick Hawkins, Anna Sokolow, Merce Cunningham and Paul Taylor. Erick Hawkins was one of the first man out of all the people that was already in Martha Company to officially join Martha's company he had joined Martha's Troupe and was helping Martha out with her work.

Any Other Intersting Facts about Her Life:

One day Erick and Martha feel madly in love and by the 1948 they ran the company together because they got married and they we running the company together but by the end of 1951 Erick left the troupe and 4 years later in 1954 they got divorced.

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