CTB Blue Jay Parent Update

Resources for Picture Day 2020

Dear Parents,

We would like to share some important information with you regarding this year’s picture day. As we are facing some challenges this year, we are forced to make some adjustments to the way we handle some of our most routine things, but we will get them done!

School pictures will be taken by our usual professional photography studio, Kids at Heart Photography. We cannot take photos during the school day, therefore, we are scheduling them to be taken after school on an appointment basis. The photos will be taken​ ​in the front lobby of the ​school by the main office. Reminder that these photos are used in the yearbook.

When will they be scheduled?

October 6th - 3:00pm-6:00pm - ALL 6th grade students

October 7th - 3:00pm-6:00pm - ALL 7th grade students

October 8th - 3:00pm-6:00pm - ALL 8th grade students​

How Do I Reserve My Appointment?

  1. Log on to the Parent Portal, click on the CONFERENCE tab.
  2. Click on "Schedule a Conference for School Picture Appointment". Please be sure to schedule on the date that is assigned to your grade level.
  3. Click on "Reserve" an appointment with your child's school counselor.
  4. Please be sure you are scheduling your appointment on your assigned grade level date.

Ms. Colford ~ students A-L Mr. Lins ~ student M-Z

Start Here ~ Parent Portal ~ Deadline October 4th

Reserve a time on your child's grade level’s scheduled date. The appointments will be reserved with your child’s counselor (Ms. Colford - students A-L or Mr. Lins - M-Z).

Ok, What's the Afternoon Gonna Look Like?

  • There will be two photographers stationed in the main hall.
  • Students will be dropped off outside the main office entrance doors. Parents will wait in their cars where students are dropped.
  • Students will proceed to wait in one of the two lines leading to the photographers.
  • Order forms must be brought with them and a bar code sticker will be placed on their forms as they arrive.
  • Students will be standing six feet apart from each other in line. Social distancing will be followed.
  • Once their photo is taken, students will proceed outside to their parents waiting in their car. Masks shall be worn at all times.

Arrival & Drop Off Procedures

  • At your selected time, you will enter the property by the Board Office on​ Rt 537.
  • You will drive along the back of the school and eventually come ​around to the front of the building.
  • You will be directed ​by​ a staff member as to where to stop​ and when the student is to get out of the car​. ​​
  • When ​instructed, ONLY the student​ will exit the car​. No one else is permitted to exit the car.
  • Students will be directed where to go. ​ Please adhere to this safety measure.

How Do I Place An Order?

  • All orders are on a pre-paid basis and the form must be turned in on picture day.

  • If a package and payment are not received, a photo will still be taken, but a package will not be ordered.

  • If paying cash, exact change is needed.

  • All photos purchases come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Order forms/price lists will be distributed to your child if they are in Cohort A or B and will be attached to an email to all Virtual students. You can click below also to download and print your form as well. Please be reminded that a photo will need to be taken for your child to be included in the yearbook. You do not need to purchase a package if you do not wish to. ​