Early Career Educator News

September 2020

Rigor in Remote Learning

As educators, we have been faced with new challenges when in comes to instruction delivery. Rigor continues to remain a key issue that we need to ensure student's are working at rigorous levels. This is the time to take the best practices and adapt them to this new situation. There is a need to maintain high expectations. In maintaining high expectations you must assess the students motivation or lack of motivation during this time. What do they value? How can we help them experience success?

Next, provide scaffolding for the students. Think about using tools such as Flipgrid, Edpuzzles, or Educreations to record your thoughts, to model the thought process, and pose guiding questions for students. Lastly, consider how students will demonstrate their learning. You can use technology to create assessments or have them complete performance-based assessments.

It can be difficult to meet the needs of students during this time of remote or hybrid learning. Educators must move beyond basic instruction to provide opportunities for students to improve their learning. Success can happen for students, when educators take their current best practices, adapt them to be more challenging, and incorporate remote learning tools.

Virtual Learning Tools

Encouraging Student Participation in Distance Learning

Educators can address student engagement during remote learning by selecting activities that are relevant and authentic and provide various ways that students can participate.

4 Ways to Increase Participation

  1. Hold office hours for one-on-one meetings
  2. Establish breakouts for small groups
  3. Create a plan for checking in with students to offer support and encouragement
  4. Provide high-interest resources and relevant connections

In remote learning, discussions can take many forms. It can be live, teacher-moderated text, audio, video exchanges during synchronous instruction, etc. Your facilitation responsibilities should ensure the process is clear and provide standards. This is a great time to explore taking virtual field trips with your students to deepen their learning and participation.

Adapted from ASCD, Monica Burns

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