South Central Kentucky Tres Dias


SCKTD #11- Victory Sequela

God surely did bless on both the men's and women's weekend of SCKTD #11! Lives were changed as God poured so freely into the lives of the candidates and team members. Come celebrate the success of SCKT#11! The Victory Sequela will be held on Friday, March 18 at 6:00 pm at Hillvue Height Church, 3219 Nashville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101 in the basement of the youth building.

The community will provide the meat (grilled chicken - Thanks Frank Iaquinta) drinks, cups and paper ware. Please bring 2 covered dishes with food to share. This is an open sequela so family members are invited. New pescadores will have the opportunity to share how their 4th day walk is going. This is a wonderful time of fellowship and celebration!

Website updated

Go take a look at the SCKTD website.

You'll find lots of useful information here including a link to sign up to serve at SCKTD #12. This is the preferred way for you to sign up as there is a place for you to mark all previous service areas. This allows the rector to have this information in front of them as they prayerfully consider where to place you on the team for SCKTD #12. You'll also find Tres Dias essentials, reunion group meeting times and locations, information about sponsorship, candidate applications, upcoming events and contact information for all members of the secretariat.


Dates and Rectors for South Central KY Tres Dias #12 have been announced and planning is in full swing.

The men's weekend is scheduled for August 18-21, 2016 with Wayne Knotts serving as rector. Contact information for Wayne is 615-335-2771 or

The women's weekend is scheduled for August 25-28, 2016 with Kelly Stewart serving as rector. Contact information for Kelly is 615-305-3400 or

Both rectors are beginning to put their teams together. You do NOT have to wait to be contacted by the rector. If you want to serve, contact the rector or submit a team application via the website. Prayerfully consider if God is calling you to serve. Please remember there is a team fee of $150. Now is the time to start saving (just $1.00 per day will get you there) so you'll be prepared to pay those fees. There is a very limited number of scholarships available to help pay 1/2 of team fees, so even if you are blessed to receive a scholarship, you will need to pay the remaining $75 during team meetings. Team meeting dates will be announced later.

Also, candidate applications are being accepted. Candidate applications and instructions for returning those can be found here. Prayerfully consider if there is someone God is calling you to sponsor. Please consider the sponsor is responsible for getting the candidate to the campground, collecting and delivering Palanca letters to the campground and following up and supporting the new pescador afterwards. Also, there is a $50 candidate fee that is typically paid by the sponsor as an investment in the candidate.