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Porcupines live in many different places forests, grasslands, tundra and sometimes trees(Porcupine). There are two different types of Porcupines New World(Northern North America) and Old World(Asia,Europe,Africa<E.T.C.)(World Book,678). New World Porcupines live in trees and very rarely come to the ground(World Book,678). Old World Porcupines live on the ground or in it(World Book,678).
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Watching a Porcupine move can be quite amusing, they will wattle and with their bad eye sight they will sniff around to know where they should go(Deborah Churchman). but bad eye sight pays at a cost sometimes the Porcupines will take a tumble while trying to climb a tree(Deborah Churchman). Their ability to smell usually makes up for that though(Deborah Churchman).
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Body Covering

Porcupines body are covered in sharp quills(Deborah Churchman). These quills will stick into anything that try's to attack and sometimes the attacker will pay the price. Getting these quills stuck in your body may cause a infection that disables you from chewing or swallowing(World Book,678).
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Porcupines have a diet that mostly consists of flower buds, leaves, twigs, nuts, berries and most other plants(Deborah Churchman). There is a "side menu" just n case they can't find what they want they can eat soda cans, plastic dishes, soap, wooden signs, shovel handles, canoe paddles, old shoes and furniture(Deborah Churchman).
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Two Porcupines mate in the fall 7 months later the baby is born(Deborah Churchman). You would think it would hurt to give birth to a baby with quills but it doesn't a baby quills don't get hard until a couple hours after birth in fact they are soft for a while(Deborah Churchman). Baby Porcupines are ready to walk the instant their born because they do need milk from their mom(Deborah Churchman). Porcupine babies are called porcupette's(Porcupine).
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Porcupines have many adaptions to life porcupines when threatened will stomp their feet and make their quills stand up to scare the animal away(porcupine). Porcupines usually will live alone but can sometimes form into small groups(porcupine). Porcupines are nocturnal and climb and swim well(porcupines).
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Other Info

  • Porcupine means "quill pig"(Susan Ackerman)
  • Porcupine cant throw quills(Susan Ackerman)
  • Porcupine quills have barbs(Susan Ackerman)
  • Porcupine quills are hollow(Susan Ackerman)
  • Porcupine can eat antlers(Susan Ackerman)

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