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Corporate Housing Reimagined

Now that the New Year is officially upon us and we are all knee deep in our personal resolutions, we at AMBER Lodging Co. want to ask you to consider making a few resolutions in your business as well. After all, the New Year is all about new ideas, new beginnings and new opportunities.

So, we invite you to reimagine your corporate housing experience, and what you should truly expect from your chosen partners and providers.



We should probably start by reintroducing you to our company, since it may have been a while since we first met. And, if you don’t know who we are already, then please allow us to introduce ourselves.

AMBER Lodging Co. is a corporate housing company that was founded in 1998. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, we also have offices located in Silicon Valley and New York, and are able to provide corporate housing services to our clients worldwide. Because of our size and tight focus on high quality corporate housing products and services, we are able to offer lower rates than many other corporate housing providers. So, our clients enjoy many cost-saving advantages when working with us.

Let’s face it, the marketplace is saturated with corporate housing companies, so we learned early on what it takes for us to stand above the competition, and develop loyal relationships with our clients.

This starts by being able to offer simple solutions, no matter how complex the situation may be, and deliver them in a way that is completely customized based on the unique needs of each client. It really is that simple. Whether you need corporate housing for just one person or for hundreds of people, we have you covered. And, it doesn’t matter whether you need it for only one night or for many years, we can handle it!

Our services are built around what matters most to you:

  • Budget: You define the budget; we find the most appropriate accommodations.
  • Competitive Pricing & Options: We leverage our global partnerships with apartment communities around the world to offer the best rates and quality options.
  • Lease Signing & Payments: We sign and manage lease payments on your behalf.
  • Utilities: Everything will be turned on and ready for arrival.

How do we keep our rates low?

  • Reduced overhead costs
  • No hidden fees or outrageously padded margins
  • Inventory volume is strategically increased at the right time
  • Best rates are always negotiated on our clients’ behalf



For you to be able to reimagine your corporate housing experience, you need to be able to visualize how truly simple it can really be. That is why we have redesigned our website, and given it a more modern look and feel, which is more reflective of who we are as a company. We want your experience on our website to be just as easy and as streamlined as doing business with us. But, please don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself and tells us what you think. If there’s something you didn’t see or have a question about, let us know. We are always open to suggestions! Please click here to visit our new website:


RETHINKING with AMBER Lodging Co...

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This is often the sentiment that stands in the way of change. But, what if you could save your company money, while improving the quality of the accommodations and raising the service level that you receive from your corporate housing company? Wouldn’t that be worth rethinking your relationship with your current provider?

Also, AMBER Lodging Co. can offer something that no other corporate housing company currently does:

Our Global Lease Signing Program (with individual private landlords). This is especially popular for clients who don’t want their employees to sign leases, and/or the regional HR group doesn’t want to sign a lease with a private landlord. Call us or click here to learn more: Global Lease Signing Program.



Now that we have officially reconnected, we hope that you will remember us and give us an opportunity to be of service. We are the preferred partner and primary provider for many companies, and we didn’t get there by accident. We earned their trust and prove our value to them on a daily basis. What can we do for you today?