S9 Faculty Update

December 18 - January 8

S9 Dates to Remember

  • January 4 - Kevin Elko @ Mt. Zion Baptist (SHS Cluster schools)
  • January 4 - S9 Data update
  • January 5 - Teacher Workday
  • January 5 - Faculty Meeting
  • January 11 - In-House Instructional Rounds at S9
  • January 25-27 - Accreditation External Review

News and Notes

Please email me with a list of your students with lost textbooks. Include the book number so I can check in the stack of "found" textbooks. Make sure to contact parents so they understand the cost involved. A price list is included below.

We should have more visitors early next semester due to Instructional Rounds, Accreditation, and other schools coming to see what we do. We always receive compliments but I wanted you to be aware in case you see them.

Remember to incorporate our focus of practice into your lessons regularly. Provide questions with multiple possible outcomes and require students to include evidence to support their claims.

For the last few years, we've had "surprise" Lockdown drills directed by Madison County Sheriff's deputies and MCBOE Central Office staff. They plan to begin those drills in January. We don't know when they will be on our campus, but it will be wise to review those procedures with your classes when we return.

Textbook Prices

Algebra I - $59.98

Geometry - $61.10

Literature - $89.75

Art - $29.49

Avancemos - $30.74

Modern World HIstory - $87.00

Stage and School - $27.98

Biology - $31.48

Modern Biology - $31.48

E-Learning Survey

Since our last e-Learning experience, you may have some suggestions for improvement. Please respond to the survey below. Thanks to all those who have already responded.

E-Learning Survey

Kevin Elko

On January 4, Kevin Elko will speak to all faculty and staff from SHS Cluster schools. This event will be at Mt. Zion Baptist church in Monrovia. More details will be shared at a later date. More information about Kevin Elko can be found at http://www.drelko.com/

Data Update

We will update first semester data and create second semester student data cards on January 4 and 5.