Weekly Sketch due 9/5

Realistic Shoe Sketch

Shoe Sketch

This week's sketch is to be of ANY shoe (at least one but can be a pair or more). It must be as realistic as possible and show at least one hour's worth of practice. Any media can be used to create the drawing. Think about the filling the space in the entire composition. Don't leave a lot of blank or empty white space. Be creative in how you fill the background!

Grading Rubric for Weekly Sketches

100 1+ hour
90 45 minutes
80 30-45 minutes
70 Less than 30 minutes
60 Less than 15 minutes
0 If not turned in by next Friday

*Weekly Sketches will NOT be accepted if not turned in by the next Friday. This gives students the opportunity to make up their work if they forget to turn it in on time or do not complete it. For each day the Weekly Sketch is late, 5 points will be deducted from the overall grade. If the sketch is turned in on the next Friday, after originally due, 25 points will be automatically deducted. Students should be working throughout the week so that they do not have over one hour's worth of homework on Thursday nights for Visual Arts.