Auto Leases for Expats in LA

Luxury vehicles from $20 per day

Leasing a car is not easy

As an expatriate who has recently moved to the United States, you will soon discover that leasing a car is not easy.

The most common barriers include :

  • Lack of credit history here in the USA. (Sadly, your excellent financial standing at home is not relevant to US Banks and car dealers)
  • Lack of bank account
  • Lack of social security number
  • Lack of California Drivers License
  • Lack of Car Insurance
  • Lack of local references

Expat Autos was set up by expats for expats to help solve many of these problems.

We assess each person individually and offering boutique financing based on you, your financial and employment situation - here and at home.

We offer our customers a range of vehicles types, brands and price-points by working with a handpicked group of specialized luxury dealers.

Our leases are from just 6 months and require a non refundable $4,000 drive off fee and our prices start at around $20 per day plus tax & insurance.

To see if we can help you, please take a few minutes to fill in the 2 minute questionnaire at

Our clients include executives, their families and students.

Currently we only offer vehicles in Southern California.

We provide flexibility and options

Besides the type of car (Sedans, SUV & Sports) and the wide variety of luxury brands - we also offer 2 basic ways to access our luxury vehicles

1. A short term lease of a PRE-OWNED car – from just 6 months

Our second hand luxury cars start from just $20 per day / $600 per month (plus tax) and require a non-refundable drive off fee of $4,000.

The price is for a fully guaranteed, nice, presentable car that is probably around 3-4 years old with about 20-40,000 miles already logged.

This car could be any brand including, but not limited to Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW, Mini and Lexus.

Larger more expensive second vehicles are also available.

These require a larger drive off fee – from $5,000 and up, and include all these brands plus Range Rover, Porsche etc.

Check out our vehicle at

2. A mid term lease of a NEW car – for 2-3 years

We offer access to new car leases from the following brands – VW, Audi, BMW & Porsche.

These leases also require a non refundable drive off fee, have a monthly fee, mileage limitations and a residual at the end.

The drive off fee for some new cars can be less than $4,000 .

What you will need

  1. A visa that exceeds the length of the car lease
  2. Proof of funds (employment, bank statements etc.)
  3. A driver’s license – preferably Californian – and definitely CA if you want a new car
  4. Car insurance – which we can assist with via State Farm

• As per all leases, our arrangements include a mileage limit – and if that is exceeded a fee per mile is charged.

Who we are

Expat Autos was launched in 2013 by Nick Bishop & Geri Chua, long term expats living in Los Angeles. We and our friends had all experienced the frustration of not being able to lease a car here - because of the lack of credit history in the USA. We are here to help.

Talk to us first - before you leave home - or come see us after you have visited a few dealers and got frustrated - whenever you call we will try and help you.

Expat Autos


The sooner the better. Most car rental companies will cost from $350-$750 per week, and so getting into a lease ASAP makes the most sense for most of our customers.