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A message from Mrs. Hetzler-Nettles!

Welcome to Cypress Creek High School! We are excited that you are joining our Coyote Nation! Every week on Friday I send out a call, email & text via School Messenger. I only do these notifications home on Friday and they ALWAYS contain a link to our weekly student/parent newsletter, The Howler Hub. The Howler Hub contains important information each week for students and parents about upcoming events, reminders, and notifications. All I ask is that you read the Howler Hub each Friday so you stay up to date with important information about CCHS!


22-23 Pasco County Schools Calendar

Download the Pasco County School Calendar and be aware of all of the Early Release Days, report card and progress report dates, and breaks!


Class Colors!

At CCHS each grade level has a designated color. These colors were selected by our student body during our opening year, 2017. Make sure to get some class color gear so you are prepared for pep rallies and Class Color dress up days! Upon your enrollment to CCHS, your school counselor will enroll you in your Class MyLearning Page so you can stay up to date with announcements for your grade level!

2023 - Pink

2024 - White

2025 - Royal Blue

2026 - Purple

The CCHS Website!

We work diligently to keep our website up to date with important announcements. You can find almost anything you need on the CCHS WEBSITE! Check it often, and make sure to always read our weekly Howler Hub!

Students Need to Check Their Email Frequently!

All students will receive their myLearning announcements, Office 365 notifications, etc. through their Pasco County Schools student email account ( which is located in myPascoConnect, then click Office, then click 365Outlook.

Click Accessing Outlook Through Office 365 for step-by-step directions.

How to Check Students Into and Out of School

Checking Out Students:

Please call ahead to set an appointment to check out your student from school. Our Student Services department will have your child in Student Services ready for pick up to release to you at the designated appointment time. You will need to park and come up to the front doors. Please ring the doorbell, and our secretary will check your identification to approve the student check out at the designated time.

Dropping Off Students Late to School:

All of our gates will be locked. Please drop your student off at the front office. If your child's tardiness is excused, please send a note in with them. Only students will be permitted in the front office for Drop-Offs. You also can submit a tardy note online via our Report an Absence button. Our front office staff will check them in and get them to their class.

How to Schedule a Parent-Teacher Conference

PTC's may be held over the phone, via Zoom, or in person. You can reach out to Carol Donald, our school counselor secretary, to schedule at Parent-Teacher conference with your child's teachers!

Need to only talk to one of your child's teachers? Simply email them and request a time to talk with them over the phone, via Zoom or in person. One-on-one conferences can be scheduled by the individual teacher.

Deliveries Not Permitted to Campus

Please note that we do not permit deliveries from outside services such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, Pizza, Restaurants, or Florists. Please do not order or send items to be delivered by the school. Any delivery that does appear will be sent away. Please also note that we will not deliver balloons, or any other items to students for celebratory purposes. Please also do not personally deliver fast food items to your child for lunch.

The only items that will be delivered would be something a student needs for instructional purposes. Please understand that we will not interrupt instructional time for students to pick up items - students will be called down during lunch time only to secure any instructional items dropped off for them.

How to Report an Absence or a Tardy!

Is your child going to be absent from school? You can report their absence online. Just go to our website and look at the buttons on the left side of the website and you will see where to report absences. Just follow these easy steps!

  2. Click on the button on the left that says "Report an Absence"
  3. Select one of the two choices (sick/medical OR request a pre-approved absence)

This goes directly to our attendance secretary, and she will enter the absence in our MyStudent System. Please note that if we start to see a peculiar pattern of absences, we might reach out to you to make sure your child is well, or to make sure that you are aware of all your child's absences! Remember, it is always good practice to check your child's attendance in MyStudent and ask them about any irregularities!

Medication Drop-Off

Please call the clinic OR email Moneice Griffin (Clinic Assistant), or Allison Heck (School Nurse) at 813-346-4405 to set up an appointment for medication drop off. Medication will not be accepted if brought in by your child.

Notarization of Paperwork!

Do you need something notarized? We have a notary on staff! Please email Hannah Hall to make an appointment. Please note the following requirements:

  • Notarize between the hours of 8:00-2:00
  • Parent must be present w/ valid ID


Who is on my Grade Level Team?

We assign our Assistant Principals and School Counselors by grade level. You can see pictures of, and direct email links to your student(s) Assistant Principal & School Counselor by CLICKING HERE! This link will take you to our "Class Pages" section of our website! Just click on your graduation year and you can see all the important information about your class!

Meet Corporal Rongo, our SRO!

Corporal Rongo is our School Resource Officer (SRO). She works on our campus every day to support our Coyote Nation! Remember, if you see something, say something! We appreciate Corporal Rongo being here as a resource and for our safety! You can reach Corporal Rongo at

Mental Health Services

Did you know that CCHS is a Trauma Informed School? That means that we prioritize the mental health of our students & staff. Our goal is to get to the "why" behind behavior. To assist us in doing what is best for all students, we promote the use of our mental health services team. CLICK HERE to meet them!


2022-2023 Bell Schedule

Our 22-23 Bell Schedule can always be FOUND HERE on our website. You can also take a look at the picture to the right to see our bell schedule!

Coyote Core Intervention Period

Attendance in Coyote Core is mandatory for all students. Students will attend Coyote Core each day with a designated period. Plan to attend Coyote Core with your designated teacher each day. Please CLICK HERE for our activities calendar to see the Coyote Core periods. We also will announce each morning what period Coyote Core is each day. Students who do not attend Coyote Core will receive a referral for skipping.

Students who have a place holder during a specified period will report to the Cafeteria for Coyote Core. For example, a student has a 5th period place holder, they will report to the cafeteria for Coyote Core on the 5th period CC day.

As an example, on 8/24, all CCHS students will attend Coyote Core with their 1st period teacher, on 8/25 they will attend with their 2nd period teacher, etc....

Creating a Parent Portal in MyStudent

myStudent is Pasco County's student information system. This webpage is designed to assist stakeholders with accessing and navigating system functions.

Creating a parent portal in MyStudent: CLICK HERE for directions

If you are in need of any assistance within the myStudent system, please submit your inquiry to

Meet Your Teacher via Video & Get Your Supply List!

Once you have your schedule, you can meet your teachers, virtually, via MyLearning! Click on your class Canvas pages and watch their videos!

Our Coyotes are College, Career & Military Ready!

Meet our Career Specialist, Mrs. Adley, by visiting our College, Military & Career page of our website! On this page you can find information about how to earn community service hours, check your graduation status, learn about scholarship opportunities and more!


Activities at CCHS

Interested in knowing what time a game or activity starts? CLICK HERE to access the "Calendar" page of our website. The buttons on this page will take you to our "Activities Calendar" and our "Athletics Calendar."

Early Release Days! Mark Your Calendars!

Pasco County Schools has implemented a monthly, two-hour-early release time to allow for staff to engage in professional development aligned with student needs and district and school priorities. ​


  • For students - increase in effective instruction and decrease in learning disruption on substitute days.
  • For staff - increased opportunity to learn and grow built in to the work schedule​.
  • For stakeholders - predictable schedule, fewer substitutes, higher quality, and more engaged staff. ​

This means that your students will be coming home approximately 2 hours early on these dates. The Early Release Day Bell Schedule is posted with the other bell schedules in this newsletter. Please add all the Early Release Dates to your calendar!


Cypress Creek Conservatory of the Arts (CCCA)

Did you know that CCHS & CCMS form the CCCA or Conservatory of the Arts. We have a plethora of fine and performing arts courses at both schools that work together to create a seamless pathway of courses. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CCCA!

We enjoy a partnership with PHSC with regard to the use of their newly constructed iPAC (Instructional Performing Arts Center) on our campus. The iPAC will offer Dual Enrollment (DE) courses to our CCHS students. Students will be able to take their fine and performing arts talents to the college level...just a few steps away from our campus! The iPAC will also offer basic DE courses like English, Math, Science & Social Studies!


Assist, Believe, Care (ABC) Program

In need of assistance? ABC and our Caring Coyotes can help. Please review the flyer below and complete the linked application by CLICKING HERE!

Need Supplies?! Take Supplies!

Students are you in need of some basic school supplies? Did you arrive at school unprepared? No worries...stop by Student Services and grab the supply that you need! We have pencils, pens, notebooks, notebook paper, folders, and graph paper. Remember to always "Own your education!"


Tardy, Dress Code & Wireless Communication Device Policies

At CCHS we have a H.O.W.L. mission. We Have a growth mindset, Own our education, Work as a community, and Lead responsibly. This mission guides all we do at Cypress Creek. Student behavior is defined within all areas of our school using our H.O.W.L. mission. Please talk with your child about our school policies for Tardies, Dress Code & Wireless Communication Devices below, and thoroughly review the actual Dress Code so you are aware of our Coyote Nation standards of dress & appearance.

Student Code of Conduct

Each year the Student Code of Conduct is updated by Pasco County Schools. It is the expectation that every student and family are aware of their rights and responsibilities outlined within the Student Code of Conduct. Please CLICK HERE to access the Pasco County Student Code of Conduct.


Student Drop-Off in Morning

  • Our drop off area will only be in Car Loop 1 in the front of our school.
  • All students brought to campus by car to be dropped off must be dropped off in the front of the school.
  • No students are permitted on campus prior to 7am.
  • Please do not drop any students off at CCHS earlier than 7am.
  • Please see the flyer pictured to the right for specific information about drop-off.

Afternoon Car Loop Procedures

  • All students who are picked up in the car loop must go directly to the black gates by the Media Center at dismissal.
  • Please read the flyer to the right for specific information about our pick-up procedures.
  • When all procedures are followed by drivers, our afternoon car loop only takes a total of 8-10 minutes on average to completely clear! We typically get all cars out prior to the bus release!
  • We appreciate your assistance in making this a smooth portion of our day by following our procedures!

Are you Teaching your Child to Drive?

We support our students who are learning to drive, and support you teaching them! If your have a child with a restricted license and they are practicing their driving skills to and from school with you in the car, please DO NOT ENTER OUR CAR LINE! Please park in the very back of our Student Parking lot in the spaces nearest the Basketball Courts. This allows us to have no hold up in our car line, and it allows for an easy and safe transition for you and your child.

To apply for a Student Driver Pass, CLICK HERE to access the Student Driver page. Look for the blue Student Driver application at the bottom of the page.

Student Parking

Check out our Student Parking Page for information regarding student parking and the application process. Student parking costs $40 and requires current driver's license, insurance and registration. Students who purchase a parking pass for 2nd Semester only will pay $20. All student drivers must apply for a student driver parking pass to drive to CCHS. Our Criminal Justice department monitors our parking lots and distributes tickets for violations!

Bus Transportation Questions?

Bus routes each have an alphanumeric identifier. The beginning letter identifies the servicing bus compound you should call if needed. Please understand that staff members at CCHS cannot change or print bus passes.

  • C Routes 727-774-0520
  • D Routes 813-794-0560
  • N Routes 727-774-0540
  • S Routes 727-774-4410
  • W Routes 727-774-0400
  • Z Routes 813-794-0501


We H.O.W.L., That's #TheCoyoteWay

At CCHS we are a trauma-informed school focused on the principles of Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports. PBIS is an approach to behavior that centers around setting expectations for students, holding them accountable, recognizing them for exhibiting the desired behaviors and working with them to improve should they not meet expectations.

Take a look at our outlined expectations for our Coyote Nation by CLICKING HERE and talk with your child about expected behaviors on our campus. Each teacher develops classroom expectations that align to our H.O.W.L. mission, and those expectations will be reviewed during the first week of school.

What are Student & Staff of the Week Howl-Outs?

Our staff of the week Howl-Outs are how we recognize our staff for exemplifying our HOWL mission. We submit Howl-Outs internally as a staff, but like to extend the opportunity to our families and students. Whenever you would like to recognize a staff member for going above and beyond, just click the button below and submit a Howl-Out.

We have an internal recognition system that is put out to our staff each week for Student of the Week Howl-Outs! When your child is recognized, we will announce their name on the intercom on Monday morning, will bring them down to the courtyard for a socially distanced picture, and will give you a call to let you know about their honor!

CCHS is a Gold Rated Florida PBIS Model School!

We are proud to announce that CCHS has been rated as a Gold level Florida PBIS Model School! We implement and follow through with a school-wide discipline plan, have school-wide expectations for all, and implement a school-wide Positive Behavior Support System with our Coyote Cash!

Coyote Cash PBIS System!

Coyote Cash is our electronic system where our staff and bus drivers can reward students with electronic "cash." Students have access to the PBIS app via their MyPascoConnect Dashboard. Students can check their accounts at any time to see how much cash they have earned. Cash can be used in our "Pop-Up" PACK Shacks and during lunches each Friday (see below for a description of the PACK Shack). Some teachers have stores within their classrooms and allow students to spend their cash in class as well. Students are rewarded with cash when they exhibit any aspect of our H.O.W.L. mission!

The PACK Shack!

The PACK Shack is a student-run "Pop-Up" shop that will pop up throughout the school numerous times during the year. All items within the shop can be purchased with Coyote Cash. Coyote Cash can be earned by students by exhibiting our HOWL mission! Any teacher or staff member can give students Coyote Cash.

We will have the following items available in The PACK Shack for purchase:

Athletic Event Tickets

School Spirit Wear

School Supplies

School Spirit Items


Prime Parking Spots



Free/Reduced Lunch & MySchool Bucks

Free & Reduced Lunch

The Free and Reduced Meal Application for the 2022-2023 school year is now available online at If you are unsure if you qualify, you can also review the income eligibility guidelines on our website. Please see below for the 22-23 Food & Nutrition flyer.

MySchool Bucks

School meal accounts can be funded through the MySchoolBucks meal payment service. Just visit You also have the option of paying directly in the cafeteria with cash, check, credit or debit. Contactless pay will be available at registers where credit cards are accepted. Students can use contactless cards, or Google Wallet, Android Pay and Apple Pay from their phones.

Please contact Food and Nutrition Services with any questions by emailing fns_finance@pasco.k12.fl.usor calling 813-794-2522.


Check out our Athletics Webpage!

Our athletics webpage contains important information for our high school student-athletes and parents. If you are interested in athletics, please check out our website. It contains all the information you need to play sports at CCHS, including athletic paperwork, paying athletic fees, athletic expectations, ticket information for games, our athletic booster club, and includes a web page for every sport offered at CCHS. Each sport site includes direct email links to the current coaches!


Athletic & Extracurricular Event Procedures & Expectations

Please make sure to carefully read the posters below prior to attending our athletic events. There are county-wide policies and expectations for prohibited items and for bags. We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work to maintain the safety and security of all of our fans and athletes.

The Creekin' Crazies!

Are you a student that is interested in joining our spirited student section at home & away games?! We would love to have you, but do want you to be aware of our expectations for behavior in this section:

  1. Cheer for our Coyote Teams ONLY!
  2. NO Profanity or vulgar language!
  3. Sit in the Creekin' Crazies section only & do not move into any other spaces in the stands.

*Failure to comply with these expectations will result in you being removed from the game, and may result in a referral and disciplinary consequences that can include OSS and your inability to attend any other games or events for the entire semester.

We are proud of our student section, and contribute our success in winning the Fred E. Rozelle Sportsmanship Award in 2020, in part, to the dedication of this incredible student section! Any student can join The Creekin' Crazies at our athletic events!


Meet our Assessment Coordinator!

Meet our Assessment Coordinator, Amanda Dowdy, by visiting our ASSESSMENTS webpage. You can also CLICK HERE for specific exam information!

We are an ACT Testing Site!

CCHS is pleased to offer the ACT on campus. The ACT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities and can also help some students earn a concordant score in certain subject area exams needed for graduation. More information can be found at For assessment information, in general, please CLICK HERE to visit our assessment webpage:


CCHS School Advisory Council (SAC)

Cypress Creek High School is looking for members for the School Advisory Council. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

School Advisory Councils are peer-elected, collaborative teams comprised of family members, the school administration, teachers or other school-based staff, students, and community members. SACs champion the work for improved student achievement, parent and community engagement in the educational process, and communication and support between home and school.

Contact Info

Main Line - 346-4400

Melissa Hardy, Attendance Secretary - 346-4400

Hannah Hall, Principal's Secretary - 346-4402

Lorraine McKinney, Bookkeeper - 346-4404

Terri Almeida, Data Entry - 346-4406

Geisa Perez, Registrar - 346-4411

Carol Donald, ESE & School Counselor Secretary - 346-4407

Moneice Griffin, Clinic Assistant - 346-4440

Allison Heck, School Nurse - 346-4412

Patty Guld, Cafeteria Manager - 346-4487

Fax Number - 346-4491