Road to Perserverance: June 2015

Bailey Houlihan


"No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance."

-Ramana Maharshi

This quote defines perseverance very clearly. This quote means that if you don't put any effort in or you don't try hard, even when there are troubles, you wont succeed anything. But if you try hard and do your best, then you will succeed to perseverance. Perseverance is defined as to never give up even when there is adversity or troubles along the way.

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What can we learn from the perserverance of others in oder to overcome adversity in today's world?

We can learn how they got through and how they never gave up from their adversities. Even though there might be a lot of adversity to triumph, they still got through it in a way. It may have been big or small, but it would still have meaning to whoever overcame the adversity.