What is Epilepsy and how is it treated.

What is Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a condition that gives you unprovoked seizures. Epilepsy is not contagious meaning that you can't catch it from other people. It neurological disorder originating at almost anytime at birth or after a sufficient head injury. Such injuries include: car crashes, brain tumors, strokes or alcohol poisoning.

5 ways to maintain or improve your health if you have epilepsy

  1. Take medicine to reduce the chance of a seizure.

  2. Get plenty of rest so that you have a lower chance of a seizure.
  3. Eat plenty of healthy food.
  4. Tell your doctor when you have seizures so that they can treat them properly.
  5. Be careful when swimming because you can have seizure in the water leading to death by drowning.

10 Facts

  1. It is a condition where you have unprovoked seizures.
  2. You get it from birth.
  3. You can also get it from head injuries.
  4. It is caused through birth by an infection of the head of the fetus during the birth.
  5. Although it can also be caused through child birth through a lack of oxygen.
  6. The seizures are caused by supercharged electrical signals through the brain.
  7. You can still have a normal life but you do have to take some safety precautions.
  8. Some of these precautions might be keeping others around you who can help and/or telling others.
  9. Managing epilepsy might be simple.
  10. The person may not be conscious or aware of what is going on around them.

How it is Treated

Epilepsy is mainly treated with medication although it can also be treated with a special diet.


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