Hurried Child Syndrome

Christina Lutz

What is Hurried Child Syndrome

By deffinition hurried child syndrome is: A condition in which parents over-schedule their children's lives, push them hard for academic success, and expect them to behave and react as miniature adults
Prevention Avoid scheduling activities every day, so kids have some time to read, play, do homework, etc. It is recommended that a child should have no more than two extracurricular activities per week

Let Our Children Have Their Childhood Back

We NEED to give our children there childhood back. They are growing up to fast. They need to pick there extra curicular activities that they want to do, not what there parents want them to do. You can't pick there friends, their likes and dislikes or their sexuality. There is no need to not let a child play, express themselves and who they want to be.

Controling a Lifef

Controling A Life

Childhoods used to be care free and full of creativity. Your taking the childhood of a five year old putting them in a class room durring the summer. Your tring to hurry your child to be the next president. Ya know what give them time if they want to be the next president they will be. All you need to do is teach them right from wrong and be there for them. Be there to tuck them in at night and love them. They will grow on their own time in their own way.