Book by: Homer Hickam

Poster by: Willem T.

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Wouldn't it be cool to go to the moon? But that would be hard, since you'd have to go through a NASA training program to prepare for your launch to the moon. So going to the moon seems like a dream right? Well, in the book Crater, by Homer Hickam, not only Crater born on the moon, but he has been raised and has lived on the moon his Whole LIFE!!! let me set the seen. Its the 22nd century, and earth is a war torn mess (but surprisingly no nukes were used in the wars), and scientists have found the perfect material, called Helium-3, to fuel the new countries machines. But, there's a slight draw- back, this Holy material can only be found on the Moon.....
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....So, to solve this, mining companies (mind that these are huge corps) have paid fortunes to build these mining towns on the moon to mine Helium-3. One of the bigger mining towns on the moon is called Moontown. It is owned by Moontown Mining Corps, (yeah its really called that), and is also the home of the main character Crater. This is what Moontown might look like.

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Who is crater you ask. Crater true blood is a sixteen year old Helium-3 miner who was born and raised on Moontown. He was an orphan until Q-Bess took him in and raised him. He also has a Gillie, which is an illegal blob of moldy slime cells that can do stuff from making an ear-rupturing sound, to being a communicator. He mines with his brother Petro, which is, "an acronym. My given names are Philip Earl Thomas Reginald Osgood. First letters put together, you get Petro..." But on a normal day on the scrapes, when an accident accrues and crater saves miners lives. He is noticed by the Colonel, the Big Boss of Moontown Corps, and crater is given the task to retrieve a package from Armstrong City, and bring it back to the Colonel.

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But to get the package, Crater must get to Armstrong city by crossing the beautiful and decollete lunar landscape, retrieve the package, and get back safely. But Crater is not the first to go after this package, the two before him are dead. And the Moon landscape is filled with dangerous genetically made creatures and dangers. Will Crater succeed in getting the package safely? or will he end up like the two before him?.....
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I think this was a great book. Its got action, suspense, romance, the whole package. I would give it four stars. I recommend this to most people that are above the age of 9, and to those who have time on their hands. All in All it was a good read.