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April Students of the Month produce "Quality Work"

The theme for April’s Student of the Month program at Milan Elementary School was “Quality Work.” Students chosen to receive this honor are those who consistently do their best on each assignment and project and who set high standards for themselves in their daily work.

Students selected were:

Kindergarten: Aryanna Cassini, Zoey Griffith, Seth Thomas, Jillianne Herd.

First Grade: Hunter Louden, Ella Saylor, Danica Gill.

Second Grade: Emma Voss, Riley Sullivan, Brooke Osborne, Mallory Eaglin.

Third Grade: Landon Saylor, Lucy Riehle, Alex Getz, Jackson Voss.

Fourth Grade: Carson Hughes, Riley Schwipps, Margot Keller, Trevor Schebler.

Fifth Grade: Taylor Williamson, Laurinzie Taylor, Karsyn Bode.

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May Students of the Month are "Model Students"

The theme for Milan Elementary's Student of the Month program each May is “Model Student” and highlights the “cream of the crop” in each classroom. These students are hard workers, good citizens, respectful of themselves and others, practice safe behaviors and produce quality work.

Recognized as all-around model students were:

Kindergarten: Drenden Bowman, Brooke Sheckler, Draven Koehmstedt, Madison Finn.

First Grade: Brycin Osborne, Josie Prifogle, Jayden Graham.

Second Grade: Brady Alcorn, Ethan Clark, Cameron Goslin, Elly Potts.

Third Grade: Savanna Guinn, Rose Steigerwald, Emma Rohrig, Anna Herzog.

Fourth Grade: Rachel Holt, Chloe Hunter, Caden Baker, Ellie Knecht.

Fifth Grade: Autumn Eckstein, Ariel Haessig, Josie Havlin.

All-Year Honor Roll Students Recognized

The following students worked hard all year to earn a spot on the honor roll list every grading quarter. They are to be commended for their diligence and dedication to their education. (An asterisk * indicates that the student had all A's, all year!)

Savanna Guinn, Emersen King, Kate Prifogle, Landon Saylor, Dakota Seale, Shelby Williams, Taytum Barker, Lucy Riehle, Rose Steigerwald*, Alexa Yeomans, Stacy Davidson, Lucas Drew*, Alexandra Getz, Grace King, Tristen Koehmstedt, Natalie Prather, Amelia Starkey, Nathan Voss*, Blaine Ward*, Anna Herzog*, Krystal Huff, Jackson Voss*, Caden Baker, Reece French, Parley Hartwell*, Margot Keller*, Morgan Lawrence, Collin O'Brien, Hunter Scudder, Hannah Wells, Grace Bruce, Alex Eckstein, Jaleigh Haffey, Rachel Holt*, Kelly Honeycutt, Carson Hughes, Ayden Potts, Giovanni Reese, Brad Drew, Chloe Hunter, Ellana Jutzi, Aiden McFarland, Riley Schwipps*, Kayla Walke, Kaitlyn Carpenter, Cameron Heinrich, Ava Honnert, Ellie Knecht*, Trenton Langferman, Maddix Negron, Alyssa Phelps, Rylee Pires, Trevor Schebler, Holden Acra, Blake Dell, Autumn Eckstein, Nariah Mathews, Abigail Moore, Cameron Prather, Maddison Smith, Brady Werner, Taylor Williamson, Jocelyn Allen, Brooke Freytag, Ariel Haessig*, Eleanor Honnert, Laurinzie Taylor, Bradley Cooke, Josie Havlin, Brooke Hoffman, McKenzie Seale, Parker Sutherlin.

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5th Grade All-Year Honor Roll Students

Outstanding Citizens Honored

One of the top awards given each year at our annual Awards Day ceremony is the Outstanding Citizenship Award. This award honors two students from each classroom who exemplify what it means to be a good citizen in our school as well as in our community.

This year's honorees include: Lainey Stock, Nathan Frankenberry, Lily Potter, Gavin Trenkamp, Mya Sargent, Alexander Burkett, Morgan Hall, Colby Bushhorn, Molly Knecht, Grant Langferman, Kaitlynn Hicks, Thomas Poole, Grayla Sinclair, Lucas Widener, Tryniti Reed, Wyatt Marsh, Kayla Roell, Micah Norman, Dannielle Fryman, Cameron Goslin, Marissa Farrell, Caleb Dixon, Kate Prifogle, Landon Saylor, Serena Cobble, Kaden Wesley, Grace King, Lucas Drew, Krystal Huff, Jeremy Jackson, Allison Doyle, Ayden Potts, Makalee Rivera, Aiden McFarland, Margot Keller, Parley Hartwell, Sarah Lillis, Trent Langferman, Taylor Williamson, Holden Acra, Eleanor Honnert, Ariel Haessig, Josie Havlin, Madison Cavins.

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Perfect Attendance Award Recipients

Perfect and Outstanding Attendance Awards Presented

MES was very pleased to recognize an unusually large number of students with perfect attendance this year. Twenty-five students were present each and every day of school during the 2015-16 school year and were never late to school, nor did they leave early at any time.

These healthy and dedicated students are to be commended on this outstanding achievement: Zoey Griffith, Adam Rigdon, Nicholas Voss, Ethan Clark, Benjamin Knowlton, Clayton Hunter, Micah Morrissey, Amelia Starkey, Nathan Voss, Gabrielle Williamson, Jeremy Jackson, Ayden Potts, Bradley Drew, Mason Johnson, Hunter Smith, Kayla Walke, Parley Hartwell, Ava Honnert, Ellie Knecht, Sarah Lillis, Mason Johnson, Jeremy Robbins, Ariel Haessig, Eleanor Honnert.

Also recognized for their outstanding attendance of three or fewer incidences of being away from school are: Aryanna Cassini, Alaina Stock, Brinley Livingston, Caroline McMillan, Mallory Hunter, Kayleigh McIntosh, Colton Christenberry, Kyla Curry, David Holdcraft, Molly Knecht, Grant Langferman, Ezekiel Gilday, Jacob Upton, Spencer Whitaker, Abigail Carpenter, Alexis Marshall, Grayla Sinclair, Grace Bedel, Nevaeh Carpenter, Grace Deffinger, Alissa Lemmon, Kayla Roell, Matthew Baylor, Tayah Holdcraft, Braesyn Livingston, Shara Bishop, Ruby Brown, Caleb Dixon, Jocelyn Eden, Izabelle Gilday, Markiesha Lillard, Landon Saylor, Shelby Williams, Cayden Green, Faith Lynn Marsh, Dylan Offill, Lucy Riehle, Alexis Curry, Lucas Drew, Trevor Ellinghausen, Ethan Gerster, Emma Rohrig, Keirstynne Stahle, Landon Weaver, Natalee DeAtley, Joshua Fryman, Izaiah Mathews, Gabriel Rigdon, Autumn Rohrig, Rachel Holt, Jadyn Johnson, Chloe Hunter, Ellana Jutzi, Aiden McFarland, Dylan Thomas, Hayden Upton, Maxx Bonnlander, Emma Jutzi, Morgan Lawrence, Collin O'Brien, Hunter Scudder, Kaitlyn Carpenter, Stephanie Hartman, Trenton Langferman, Brady Werner, Brandon Bentley, Braiden Phillips, Nathan Riehle.

STAR Awards Presented

The Rising Star award is presented to deserving students who have made outstanding progress during the 2015-16 school year. These students may not be receiving other special awards but deserve a shout-out because they worked hard and gave their best effort day in and day out. They include students who displayed a great attitude despite difficulties or showed great improvement in some area. All are students who go above and beyond to do their best every day.

This year's Rising Stars are: Alexis Bishop, Colt Morling, Kayden Steele, Hunter Wickizer, Rachel Faulkner, Audree Hankinson, Eyan Hill, Dakota Huff, Kayden Bushhorn, Cooperlynn Lloyd, Caroline McMillan, Ariana Stevens, Bryce Blackburn, Olivia Collins, Zachery Hartman, Mallory Hunter, Payten Bates, Ryleigh Goodlett, Chloe Andrew, Riley Crain, Nikolus Reynolds, Jayden Graham, Alexis Marshall, Adelynn Sheets, Jessi Bitter, Andrew Peters, Cheyenne Burns, Hailey Bushorn, Lucian Cooper, Cole Burton, Kayden McClellan, Rylee Mitchell, Aspyn Wehmeyer, Tyla Barber, Caleb Calvert, Dylan Pindell, Cayden Green, Skip Hiltenbeitel, John McKeown, Dylan Offill, Landon Stanley, Katie Fussnecker, Ethan Gerster, Cody Roach, Keirstynne Stahle, Gabby Williamson, Teven Barber, Natalee DeAtley, Corbin Deaton, Mason May, Alyssa Mulligan, Nico King, Daniel Watkins, Mason Johnson, Braydon Prather, Autumn Cross, Liam Horton, Stephanie Hartman, Mikaily Sizemore, Macalah Gordon, Alex Wenger, Gabriel Good, Holly Wiles, Zachary Derico, Haley McKeown.

Making Memories in May!

It seemed like the month of May just flew by because there were so many fun-filled learning activities taking place! We honored our teaching staff and our school nurse as we celebrated National Teacher Appreciation Day and National School Nurse Day and thanked them for all they do to help us learn, grow, and be healthy. The fourth graders visited an historic school house in Farmers’ Retreat and learned how different school is now from what it was a hundred years ago. The second graders traveled to Krohn Conservatory to see the butterfly exhibit. Judge Jeff Sharp visited to speak to the fourth grade students about our local government and how the court system works. Visitors from the Milan Library spoke to the boys and girls during a “Lunch & Learn” about programs they will be offering this summer. Our annual Spring Book Fair gave us a chance to stock up on some good books for summer reading. The high school band visited to play for the fifth graders to encourage them to consider joining band. The Silly Safari brought some interesting animals for a visit. The second graders visited Walhill Farm in Batesville to learn about healthy foods and how our food is grown. Our Girls on the Run team had fun participating in a 5K run in Batesville on May 14 even though it was a cold and rainy day.

The next week brought our annual Making Strides Against Cancer Walk and the Grade 4 Wax Museum, our annual Awards Day, swim races, a visit to the Milan Library by our kindergartners and a fun-filled, farewell party for our fifth graders.

The last week saw more swim races on Monday and finally, on Tuesday, the long-awaited PTO Carnival and Cookout! Mother Nature cooperated and gave us a beautiful, warm, sunny day and we filled every minute of it with fun, friendship, and good-byes as we celebrated the end of a well-rounded, fun-filled year of learning and growing.

Thank you to our students, our staff, our parents, our hard-working PTO and everyone else who helped make May, 2016, a year to remember!

Photos From Our MES Scrapbook

Keep Those Reading Skills Sharp This Summer!

One of the most helpful things a parent can do during the summer to prevent their child from "losing ground" over the summer is to make sure they read regularly. There are many ways to incorporate reading into your child's daily routine:

  • Make sure appropriate age/reading level books are available.
  • Take books along on road trips and for vacation travel.
  • Download books on your child's electronic device.
  • Mute the sound and turn on the "Closed Caption" feature when your child watches a favorite show on television.
  • Subscribe to a children's magazine in your child's name. (Kids love to get mail!)
  • Encourage your child to correspond with a pen pal, grandparent or other relative.
  • Have them help with grocery shopping by reading the labels, ads, etc.
  • Encourage your child to keep a journal or write and illustrate their own book.
  • Visit the local library and participate in the summer activities they offer.

We are very fortunate to have an outstanding library in our community. The Milan Library has a lot of fun activities planned for the summer including Summer Reading with Ronald McDonald on June 7; Bicycle Safety Training on June 11; the Carter Lloyd Magic Show on June 14; Silly Safari on June 21; The Water Show on June 30; and Endless Possibilities on July 5. They also offer a "Free Friday Flick" each Friday at 11:00 a.m. including free popcorn and a drink in addition to "Kid's Storytime" on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m.

Finally, a reminder that the Indiana Department of Education has made thousands of books available for download from their online library.

To access the library:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the School Name: Hoosier Family of Readers (The School Name will automatically populate as you type)
  3. Enter the username read and password read.
  4. Click the green Sign In button.
  5. Begin Reading!
  6. Click on "All Books" to browse through the entire myON Library.

Enjoy reading with your child this summer!

The school office will be closed June 21 - July 13.

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Back to School in August!

August 2: Meet The Teacher Night, 5-7:30 p.m. (more info in July newsletter)

August 3: Kindergarten Orientation, 1:00 p.m. Readiness Kindergarten Orientation, 3:00 p.m.

August 4: First day for Grades 1-5

August 5: First day for Kindergarten students (both Traditional and Readiness)

August 16: Milan Community School Corporation " STARS Family Night"

August 26: Begin Character Counts Week

September 5: Labor Day - no school