By:Bryce Greening

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Name: Chupacabra (Goat Sucker)


Sucks livestocks blood

Looks like a dog

lives: Mexico, United States, Puerto Rico

Race: Gray

Eyes: Blue

3 to 4 feet


Chupacabra was born in 1995. Chupacabra is also known as The Goat Sucker. Chupacabra is seen throughout mexico, America and Puerto Rico. It walks on all 4 legs. all we have found is footprints and bite marks in sheep. It was last seen March 29 2012. The chupacabra is real. I believe the Chupacabra was kidnapped for his fur. If you find him please contact the investagator at (1919-904-8990)


"I don't want the chupacabra to get me."