By: Tyler H.


Indonesia is the land were you worries will wash away in one of our many, beautiful beaches. You may also want to visit our just as intriguing and beautiful capital: Jakarta. You may want to climb the 16,500 ft Jaya Peak. What ever path you go you will not be disappointed. It is Indonesia.

Slogan-"Wonderful Indonesia"

The people and culture.

Our people are welcomeing to strangers and tourists. Our main religon is Islam. We have 250 million people, and are mostly imigrints. We have lots of different cultures from Javenese to the Sundanese. Our largest ethnic group is Javanese. We were once Dutch. The Dutch left a lot of immpretions on us.

most of our islands are multi-cultural meaning the have a lot of diffrent culturles. We can fish very well and have known since we arived. We have lots of mosques around and some chriantian and catholic churches. We mostly eat stuff from the sea but occationaly eat bird. we take pride in our cooking. Kind of like the United States of America. We would like to have you here.


Indiesia is an archeapelageo meaning it is a string of islands. It borders Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and East Timor. There is one major mountain peak Jaya Peak. Indonesia has 18,307 islands in it. The 3 main islands are Boreno, Java, and Sumatra.