Honda Service

Last year’s boys weekend tour was all about cars. I’ve always enjoyed my cars but a weekend away at the annual European celebration of everything to do with Japanese cars, ‘Japfest’ was just not my idea of a good time. I was dubious right from the off but when we got there, we had a wicked time, had a go in some seriously slick cars, tested stereo systems to the max and checked out some of the craziest mods I’ve ever seen. In all, it was one of the better lads weekends and this year I’ll be going back for sure...with Sandra.

Nope, Sandra’s not my girlfriend, they make mess and leave makeup on the seats; Sandra is my Civic. After 2012 Japfest I wanted a slice of that action, a few weeks later I had the keys to a sweet 1.6 Honda Civic Sport, with 17inch alloys and a carbon feature dash. Drove like a dream and after a quick warm-up off the forecourt, cleared that tickle in her throat and got a serious roar. That’ll be the performance exhaust then. She’s called Sandra because it’s the only name I could think of that I can say infront of my mum, and knocking on 10 she’s an old lady, but a reliable one.

I’ve had a wicked year in that car, but with 48,000 on the clock her number’s nearly up and I’m taking her to Japfest to sell. I’ve only just decided and I’m pretty gutted, but I’ve been having some issues with getting into gear off the lights and the gearbox is on it’s way.

A few days back I was in neutral in town, went for first and the stick wouldn’t go, usually if I just jam it a bit it goes in but this time I was proper stuck. Tried second, no luck, still sat at a green with a queue behind. In the end I had to admit defeat, shove on the hazards and call my mate to tow me to the garage at the end of my road, thankfully they’re a Honda service stop, couldn’t have taken Sandra any old place.

The boys got her moving again, moved some debris out of the gearbox but they said it’s worn and almost ready for a change. Depressed driving back from the Honda service station, I pulled over and ordered her a spanking new spoiler for our last trip together to Japfest.

I’ll miss that car but can’t wait for this year’s festy to see what I fancy for my next noble steed! I’m sticking with a Honda I recon but this time looking for a Cindy instead of a Sandra.

Time to trade in for a fresher model 