The horrers of Bergen-belsen

the horrers of the death camp

About the camp

The camp was the end of the line for the people who were sent there. (mostly jews) the camp, Bergen-belsen, was made form a prison war camp that was made from the freanch and it was neer gmeny. The camp was divied into 8 sections:1 detention camp, 2 womens camp, 1 special camp, a nutrals camp, a star of david camp, a hungarian camp, & some tent camp. this place killed over 11,000 people. It was emty in when the war ended. This is what the camp looks today.
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Some facts about the camp

  • The camp was design to hold 10,000 people but it hold 60,000 people.
  • Anna frank and the others (exapet for miep) were there.
  • 2,000 kids survived.
  • H.L Glyn-Hughes was the director of the camp. (Director: One who controls the company of a place)
  • It had no gas chambers.
  • The title is what a srvived Jew said but insted of the camps name it was "Holocaust
  • 1945 is when margot & anna died. :(

this is what the camp used to look like...

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What next...

After the holocaust, the Jew stared telling storys like "I herd the crys of the people around me as I try to fall a sleep..." or " every time I think about the place... I can hear the tarrible screams of us..." That camp is now a graveyard of the THEM...