Democratic Republic of Zevion

By- Zane, Rinith and Daxton

Where is Zevion?

Zevion is located east of Portugal (the location of Spain).

About Zevion

We have a liberal left government and our economy is mixed between Market and Command. We are a Direct Democracy. We want to be organized and make everyone happy.


We have a small land area that is compact state with population of 15 million. This way we can provide a lot of social services for our people and everyone can live good. We have a somewhat cold climate with a small population density.
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Our economy is mixed between market and command so people are free to have their own businesses and are free to sell what they please but the government will have an integral part in helping them, setting up their business and making sure that our citizens are happy.

Our economy provides many advantages by providing a helping hand while letting people retain their individual freedoms, we provide the perfect mix of government and people.

Why you should come

Aside from our amazing economy some of the great reasons to come to Zevion are the amazing tourist regions, the beautiful scenery and beaches and how everyone on our nation is so happy!
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