Smokeless Tobacco

By: Brandi Robinson

Important message for others

Stay away from smokeless tobacco it is very addicting. Also, can have long term effects. Like cancer or even losing your bottom jaw.

Drug Catorgy


Describing this drug

Smokeless tobacco has lots of nicotine in 1 can. To be exact 1 can of chewing tobacco = 4 packs of cigarettes. There is long cut chewing tobacco and short cut chewing tobacco.

How this drug is taken

This is a drug that you put into your mouth and then you spit out the juice. You spit every 10 seconds.

Signs & Symptoms of this drug

  • Bad Breath
  • Permanent Teeth Discoloration
  • Painful Ulcers

Street Names for Chewing tobacco

  • chew
  • dip
  • spit tobacco
  • snuff