Staff Weekly Bulletin

~Week 3~Sept. 8-11 ~

Kudos to you!

Thank you to all of you for continuing to support our school-wide agreements on transitions & line-up. Students are moving quicker to the classroom & with minimal student conflicts.

We encourage you to continue supporting these important structures; we are seeing the difference and it's because you help us set those expectations with all of our students.

Thank you to those teachers that answered Ms. Nancy's call to submit the parent engagement survey & parent outreach. If you have not done so, please take some to do it.


Baseline Assessments

August 24th - September 18th

2-5: SRI 1

K-5: EDL/DRA 1


3-5: SMI 1

Please click here for SMI & SRI directions & instructions.

SRI & SMI testing will take place during library time.

CELDT Testing

If any teacher is interested in getting a release day in October in order to administer the CELDT test to the ELs in their class, days are available. It is not required, but is a good opportunity for teachers who would like to learn exactly what is tested on the CELDT. If you choose to have a release day, you also need to commit to a 1 hour training on how to administer the listening and speaking portion of the CELDT test. Please contact if you are interested or have questions.


Per our agreements, we will focus on building & strengthening a positive school/classroom culture from August 24th - September 30th.

Please ensure that you practice & explicitly teach your students the following:

1. lining up (count-down to 10)

2. classroom rituals & routines

Parent Outreach Survey

Dear Crew!

Thank you to those that have reached out to all your students. In order to collect information on BEST practices, please take time do this survey. Click on link to access survey.

Culture Walk - School Visit

On Wednesday, September 9th, district partners will be visiting SEED & conduct school-wide culture walk through.

What are we observing? What are the Look-Fors?
  • school-wide agreements

---transitions & line up

---explicitly teaching classroom norms & expectations

---character targets

---maintaining a welcoming learning environment

---explicitly providing positive feedback & praise for desired behavior

Community Assembly/Crew

First Crew starts Friday, 9/11. Community Assemblies continue...

Community Assembly Assignments: GROUP A

Udovic & Cato
Saleski & Nunez
Pastrana & Perrone


Gudiol & Zucker

Crew Assignments: GROUP B

Queznel & Vidal

Goodie & Parchia
Brown & Tapia

Ferrus-Garcia & Garcia-Pena

Hudson & Davis

Crew starts on Friday, September 11th at 8:30 AM. Some of you have made arrangements with your Crew partners to do it in the afternoon - please let the office know if this is the case. We may need to locate you or your students.

Morning Community Meetings - Essential to our core principles & building trust

Dear Crew!

All teachers are required to do a community meeting in their classroom at the beginning & end of the day. If you need to see it in action, not a problem! We can support you to peer observe. Just say the word - we have excellent examples at our finger tips!

Why are community meetings important?

This is SEED's unique tradition to express our school vision of a positive community that is focused on learning, fosters character development, & it sets a positive climate for teaching & learning

Caught You Being Good!

Please begin using the "Caught You Being Good" tickets & please tell the student why they earned it.

Character Traits Rubric

Please post the Character Traits Rubric in your classroom to support students when conferencing with them during a 1:1. This rubric is available in the copy room.


TGDS Informal Observations

Beginning this week, Beatrice will be visiting all classroom teachers to practice scripting in preparation for the informal observation as part of the 15-16 TGDS roll out.

Here's a brief summary of what's to come with TGDS/OETF...

-a manual was issued to you on August 20th PD

-see pages 24-27 for more details on the timeline

-you can also click on this link for a soft copy of the TGDS manual

From September through October

September 18th - Deadline for tenured teachers to opt in to TGDS evaluation

October 16th - Deadline to conduct informal observations for ALL teachers

October 30th - Deadline to develop SMARTe Goals

What does the process look like for September & October?

  • 10-15 minute informal observation (all teachers)
  • Beatrice scripts informal lesson observation (all teachers)
  • Beatrice tags evidence to OETF (all teachers)
  • Schedule & conduct Pre/Post observation conference (all teachers)
  • Teacher reflects on lesson in post-conference (all teachers)
  • ALL teachers identify two goals from Domains 2 & 3 (all teachers)


  • Teacher uses Self-Assessment & Informal Observation(s) to draft professional Practice SMARTe Goal based on focus indicator(s) in OETF Domains 2&3
  • Teacher uses student data, school, & grade level/content area goals to draft Student Outcomes SMARTe Goal
  • Beatrice approves teacher SMARTe Goals
  • Beatrice leads teacher training on SMARTe Goals

Saturday Morning of Mathematics

Saturday Morning of Mathematics

When: September 12, 2015, 9am-12pm

Where: Lafayette Elementary, 1700 Market Street, Oakland

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Common Core mathematical content in the current/upcoming unit at your grade level!
  • Share ideas and tips with your grade level/span colleague from across OUSD!
  • Collaboratively plan upcoming lessons!

Participation will be stipended at the $22.99/hour rate and breakfast will be served at 8:45am.

Sign up through On-Track today!

Upcoming Saturday Sessions:

November 14th, January 9th, March 12th and May 14th


Enrollment Counts - We need you!

Please help us reach our enrollment counts; currently, we have approximately 80 students that did not come to register. If we do not meet our numbers by the 20th day (Sept. 21), we will need to collapse a class.

Reach out to ALL students that do not show up to school!

Do not count for enrollment purposes:

  • Students who are registered, but HAVE NEVER been physically present at school
  • Students who have an unverified absence on the day of the count

Counts include:

  • The actual number of students who are physically present in class
  • Students who have shown up on a previous day & have a VERIFIED absence on the day of the count.


Enrollment Count Dates:

  • Day 12: Wednesday, September 9th
  • Day 15: Monday, September 14th
  • Day 20: Monday, September 21st

Deadlines for submissions:

  • ALL classroom submissions will be due by 10:00 AM on each Enrollment Count day.
  • ALL attendance is due by no later than 10 AM daily.

General Yard Use

General Yard Use:

Coach Max and Coach Wally need our help.

  • Kids not walking through PE sessions post

  • if teachers take students out to run laps have them run outside of field

  • kids should not be leaving backpacks in the middle of the field

  • backpack sweep of yard training for yard staff - issue with upper grades

PE Requirements

Greetings Crew!

Please remind your students that they need to wear tennis shoes & their uniform at all times; especially during PE time.

For our younger SEED-lings, we ask that you remind the families to send their students with Velcro tennis shoes.


SEED has recess snacks once again! Please help us by encouraging our students to try the fruit & model by trying them yourself (small bites, please). We will have snacks 3x per week. More information to come!

The FS Department informed us that the start of our snack program has been moved; snacks will be provided to students starting on September 15th.

REMINDER: We are a health & wellness school & we ask that you encourage your students to bring healthy snacks. Consequently, we are bringing way too much junk food for staff consumption & taking these foods outside the staff lounge. We need to set the example for our students. I ask that you are mindful of these foods & refrain from consuming them in front of children and parents.

Mr. Edwards' Roles & Responsibilities

Dear Crew,

Carl & I have created this document outlining his realm of work. He's been very supportive, but I felt it necessary to share this with you. Please help us by familiarizing yourself with his new role.

Thank you!


Personal Days & Holidays

Dear Crew!

Please note that the days before/after a holiday are NOT allowed to be taken as personal days per OEA & district policy. Any personal days, require 3-5 days written notice & prior approval by school administrator.

Dates NOT allowed:

November 10 & November 12

November 20 & November 30

December 18

January 4

February 12 & February 16

March 24

April 4

May 26 & May 31


Emergency Lesson Plans:

Emergency lesson plans with class split due Friday, September 11th, click here to upload. If you prefer to submit a hard copy, please hand them to Ms. Nancy.

Summer Work Due to Anne, Priscilla, & Beatrice on Friday, September 11th. Please remember that this summer work must be aligned to one of the two summer planning criteria in order to be compensated. Use this link to upload your work; click here.

Tuesday, September 8th

EDL/DRA Testing - teacher coverage by STIP

SRI & SMI Continues

Emily on campus all day.

3-5 PM
ILT Meeting & Agenda:

I. PD Calendar/COI - 15 min.

2. EL Contract - 30 min.

3. LCAP funds (final discussion) - 5 min.

4. COST/SST Process - 30 min.

5. Finalize monthly meeting dates - 10 min.

6. SBAC results - 25 min.

7. Teacher Leads - report out 5 min.

Wednesday, Sept. 9th

SRI & SMI Continues

DRA/EDL Testing
Cato- Released by Ms. Rivas all day

except 10:55-1:00

School Culture Walk with District Partners

1:45-2:45 PM

PD: PBIS-Culture/Climate

Room: Portable - TBD

2:45-3:45 PM

Beatrice @ K-Collaboration

Grade level notes due on drive; click here to up-load.

C&C Committee Mtg - Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Click here to up-load committee meeting notes to the drive.

Tech Committee Mtg - Time: 3:45-4:45 PM
Location: TBD

Click here to up-load committee meeting notes to the drive.

Thursday, Sept. 10th

SRI & SMI Continues

DRA/EDL Testing

Goodie- Released by Ms. Rivas all day

except during the following times:

8:45-9:45 am
Coffee with the Principal

3rd grade on Field Trip

Friday, Sept. 11th

SRI & SMI continues

DRA/EDL Testing

Tapia- Released all day by Ms. Rivas

except during the following times:

Donor's Choose

Have you signed up for Donor's Choose? Please take the time to sign-up; this will provide you additional resources to support your instructional program and any needed resources that the school cannot provide.