Welcome Back!

Shady Brook Elementary - News From The Principal

Shady Brook Open House

Our Grades 1-5 Open House will be on Monday, August 12th from 5:00-7:00. This is the big afternoon where Students in grades 1st through 5th learn who their new teacher will be. As always, this will be a great opportunity to meet your teacher, get transportation information, see your classroom, and just be back in the building to experience all the things that make Shady Brook so special. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Kindergarteners will learn who their teacher is at their own Open House on the afternoon of Friday, August 16th at 4:30, after the staggered entry days. They are of course, still welcome to come out, meet all the teachers, and see the classrooms with everyone else on the 12th.

First Day of School

We look forward to welcoming students and families into the building bright and early Wednesday, August 14th! Remember, as so much of our core literacy and math instruction begins first thing each morning, being on time is very important. Here are Shady Brook's hours for the 2019-20 school year:

- Doors Open: 7:50am

- Breakfast: 7:50-8:20am

- Tardy Bell: 8:20am

- Dismissal: 3:20pm-3:40pm

Kindergarten Staggered Entry

And of course, we're extremely excited to welcome our newest Bulldogs; our rising Kindergarteners! As usual, KCS and Shady Brook will stagger the entry of our Kindergarteners. Each Kindergartener will come on one of the first three days, Wednesday August 14th, Thursday August 15th, or Friday August 16th. We'll hold a special Kindergarten Open House on August 16th at 4:30, where the Kindergarteners will learn who their teacher will be! And then all the Kindergartener will come back together on Monday August 19th!

Each Shady Brook kindergarten family should have received a phone call from me, Mr. Gibson, last week providing information surrounding which staggered day their child would attend, and answering any questions about the start of school. As we approach August 14th, please feel free to call if you need any further explanation about staggered entry or anything else. We can't wait!!

Universal Free Breakfast & Lunch

We are very fortunate and excited to be able to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students! Additionally, Shady Brook will be implementing "Breakfast in the Classroom" for grades 2-5 this year, as an effort to maximize the amount of students benefitting from eating breakfast and starting the learning day off with a full belly. Students in grades 2-5 will be able to get breakfast in the cafeteria and take it to their classroom; Kindergarten and 1st grade will still eat breakfast in the cafeteria.

Before School Care

Kannapolis City Schools and Shady Brook are also very fortunate to be able to provide Before School Care for those students registered in our Before School Care Program. The cost of our program is only $50 per month, and registration and payment opportunities can be found here or in our front office.


Shady Brook is pleased to offer 3 separate dismissal modes of transportation to accommodate all of our families, and provide an efficient, helpful and safe dismissal process. Families have the option of denoting their children as a bus rider, car rider, or walker, all of which have separate locations for dismissal.

1. Bus Riders- Bus riders are walked, by their teacher, to our bus parking lot in the front of the school, on Rogers Lake Road. Teachers oversee students loading onto their buses.

2. Car Riders- Car riders are dismissed from the Shady Brook gym, and into cars traveling through the carpool lane along the gym, under the supervision and facilitation of staff members. This dismissal location is for Car Riders only, and will not be available to parents/guardians on foot. When picking up students in the afternoon, enter the school property at the rear of the school building by turning off of Klondale Ave. /Robinhood Drive. For safety reasons, parents are required to remain in their car (smoking is not permitted) and display a number tag, which will be given out at Open House and available anytime thereafter in our Front Office.

3. Walkers- Walkers are escorted from the Media Center to the tree at the corner of Sherwood and our car pool lane. At this location, students are handed off to their parents/guardians, who walk them the rest of the way home. This dismissal location is for Walkers only, and will not be available to parents/guardians in cars. Additionally, due to the volume of traffic at this time, parked cars are not permitted along Sherwood for the purpose of picking up students denoted as Walkers.

Also to ensure we get every child to the right place for dismissal, we don’t change their mode of transportation home (Car Rider, Bus Rider, or Walker) after 2:45. If we allow for last minute changes, we open up the opportunity for confusion and mistakes in an area where it’s really important that we don’t make mistakes. If there is going to be a change, the best thing to do is write a note and send it in with your child. And as a last resort, call the school early in the day, so we can be sure the message is relayed.

Shady Brook Instructional Fee

Don't forget Shady Brook's Instructional fee, which is $10.00 and helps cover the cost of homework folders, PBIS celebrations, and our Field Trips to Cabarrus Arts throughout the year. You can submit payment through your child's teacher.

It's Going to be a Great Year!

All of us at Shady Brook are so excited for the start of the school year, and will be so happy to have all our Bulldogs back in the building on Wednesday, August 14th! If you have any questions, or there is anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to give us a call anytime. We can't wait!