Orientation Recap: Issue 1

About the Office of Orientation and First-Year Initiatives

JWU Denver Orientation

School is only a month away! Whether you were unable to attend orientation for a variety of reasons, or attended and are in need of a refresher, the Office of Orientation and First-Year Initiatives is here to help! The Office of Orientation wants you to feel ready and prepared for your JWU career. Over the coming weeks we will be sending you a weekly email highlighting some offices and resources on campus, as well as other information important for you to know. We hope this will help you feel more connected with JWU Denver.

This issue focuses on the Office of Orientation and First-Year Initiatives and the ways we can support you in your first year.

Get Involved with WIGIS!

What is WIGIS you ask?! WIGIS (pronounced wee-gees) stands for Wildcat Interest Groups for Incoming Students. It is a program designed to help you find other students with the same interests as you. Let me ask you this-Do you want to meet other students in a fun environment? Do you want to do tons of cool activities around Denver for low to no cost? Then WIGIS is for you!

Each WIGIS group is led by a student leader who is eager and excited to plan interest-based events for students. These leaders will plan at least one interest-based program for their group per month though most plan many more. We have 20 leaders and over 10 interests to choose from. Our WIGIS groups include:

-Dining Out in Denver

-Exploring the Mile High City

-Colorado Professional Sports

-Colorado Mountain Sports




-Arts and Crafts

-Comedy Corner

-Fine Arts

-Health and Wellness

-Leadership and Service

*If you attended orientation then you selected your WIGIS group when you registered. If you did not attend orientation you can select a WIGIS group below.

Transfer Talks

Transfer students bring a unique perspective to our campus. While we understand not all transfer students may be seeking the same activities as first-time college students, it is important that transfer students have support as they transition to JWU.

During the Fall term, our Transfer Talks program seeks to help connect you with other transfer students and help you learn important information for navigating the campus. This exciting program will help you feel like a JWU pro!

For more information and to sign up for transfer talks please email: laura.bourque@jwu.edu

Additional Programs

The Office of Orientation and First-Year Initiatives offers many fun and engaging programs throughout the year. From getting culinary students connected to their chefs, to taking students to a Rockies game, our office is here to make your year as meaningful as possible. Stay connected with us and get involved!

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