by Alexander Gordon Smith

on my way

Alex was running, but he soon got caught. After he was caught by the police he went to court. While he was walking his court room he heard a kid scream I didn't do it. He got in the Toby's parents were crying screaming "put him in bars", and that's what happened. Also if you commit a murder your in furnace for life the judge said. On the way there Alex was feeling sick he threw up. The man in black looked at him like he was crazy. They got there and they were calling out Alex and the other kids roommates. Alex partner was Donovan. They were just talking about the procedures, and at a certain time the siren goes that means everyone get in your cell. Alex didn't know what happened he was getting trampled by other kids then the vault opened the dogs came.

The run

The story starts of as a boy named Alex and a boy named Toby they were running in a abounded house. They were men in a black suit who didn't seem like they were human with silver eyes and to fast to be real. These men I a black suit(mole face) killed this poor 11 year old boy named Toby while Alex was running. Alex was running to his school woods which was close by. The police showed up looking for him couldn't find him, but there was a note dripping in blood "run Alex" like they were one step ahead of him. So he was deciding if he could go home or not then he legs collapsed. The police found him, but they didn't know if he was the killer. They got out of the car asking if he needs help then the radio described the killer and the lady cop screamed to the other cop "its him". So Alex ran.
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The End

So Alex was getting ran over by everyone, but Donavon came in clutch picked him up, but the dogs came. They were able to get in their cells. But that same night their was an X on someone cell bars and Donavan said this is where it goes bad. Alex wanted know what happens, but he didn't. Donovan says those dogs were actually once human that is what the men in black turn the humans into. "now shut your mouth and act like your sleeping", and thats what happened. Since your in jail you have to do some work so they had to do some chipping in the mine. While Alex was chipping he notice there was a hole in a rock to get to a underground river. But a new group came in and one of the kids name was jimmy, and him and Alex became friends. But it was the night where they take Alex or Donavon, they took Donavan. But they took on with the plan they were about to leave, but jimmy heard, and started crying so they rushed out. Then the guards came, but who came was mole face the person who caused him to be in the furnace in the first place. Mole face "I got you". That suit they were is like a shield and mole face was fighting the other guards till he couldn't which gave Alex and Zee time to escape. But mole face wasn't dead. They swam off into the River.