Dear Valentine’s Party Coordinators,

This is just a friendly reminder that our Valentine parties are just around the corner on Friday, February 13th. I’m sure that all of you have your party ideas ready. Please contact the headroom mom (if you haven’t already) to see how many helpers your teacher is allowing, so you can begin contacting all of your helpers.
The PTA will be providing brown paper bags that you can use if you would like, to have the children decorate for their Valentines and goodies. They will be available at the PTA check in table.
The parties will be held from 2:45pm until 3:30pm, so please make sure that everyone attending arrives around 2:30, checks in and gets a name tag at our PTA table when they enter Big Creek at the main entrance. We can send everyone to the classrooms just before the party to set up. Please be aware that we cannot send anyone up sooner because many classes are finishing up with instructional time and we do not want to cause a distraction. Thank you for your cooperation.
If anyone is in need of ideas or has any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Thanks!!

Lisa Agresta & Jeanine Schultz

Please let me know you've received this email.