Eagle Family News #5

Student and Parent Newsletter - August 27, 2021


IMPORTANT NEWS: Back to School Night, Administration Building Update, COVID 19 Notifications

ACADEMICS: College Courses on Saturday, Chromebook updates, Tutoring information

ACTIVITIES: Make-up Picture ID 9/1, College Wear Wednesdays, Spirit Day Friday, ASB Card, Clubs

ATHLETICS: Sports Updates, Introducing New Boys Basketball Coach, Links to Fall Sports Schedules, Coaches Contact List, Important Sports Documents


PARENT INFORMATION: Stay Connected, Glenn HS Dress Code, COVID-19 Protocols


COVID General Notification VS Exposure Notification - What are these emails?

There are two types of notifications that students and parents may receive when there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at school.

The first is a GENERAL NOTIFICATION: This email goes out to all staff and parents to share that there has been a confirmed positive case at JGHS. This is a required notification to the entire community.

The second is a EXPOSURE NOTIFICATION: This letter goes only to the student and parent, or staff member/s who have been identified as possible close contacts to the infected individual. If your student does not receive and exposure notification, then he/she has not been identified a possible close contact. (A close contact is defined as someone who has been within 6 feet of a confirmed case during the infectious period for more than 15 minutes, despite being masked or not).

Back to School Night

Thank you to the students and parents that joined us for Back to School night on Thursday. If you could not make it, we encourage you to connect with your chlidrens' teachers and our support staff throughout the year. If you are unsure how to connect as a parent, please contact the school and any of us would be happy to help you. You can see the virtual slides here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S-TOCw8U9Gg9roViD2rcQIAx0DqzaNMA/view?usp=sharing

Grand Re-opening of the Administration Building

The administration building is now open to parents! Attendance and Student Services staff will still be in Room 201, but all other services will return to the Administration Building. Thank you for your patience with the process. There will be another closure of the building to finish the renovation, but we will update you when that happens.


Chromebook Support

If students still need a Chromebook, need tech repair, or have wi-fi issues, they need to report to room 1209 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays during snack and lunch.

For new students, complete a device request form at https://www.nlmusd.online/devices-by-site.

For ongoing support and device repairs for students, they can submit a support request here: https://www.nlmusd.online/tech-support.

CSU-Long Beach Course Available

Interested students can speak with Ms. Afshar or Ms. Cruz in the Counseling Center or email

mafshar@nlmusd.org or scruz@nlmusd.org

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Tutoring Information

Criteria for Math/Science Lab Participants: Students that have failed an assessment do corrections or review for retake. Students that have D’s/F’s on progress reports-must bring questions from HW. Use question form. Walk-ins welcome.

Criteria for Writing Lab Participants: Students that have failed a writing assignment do corrections or prepare for rewrite. Students that are preparing to submit a writing assignment and need editing support. Students that have D’s/F’s on progress reports-must bring prompts to practice with. Walk-ins welcome.

Criteria for Homework Lab Participants: Students that have failed an assessment in classes other than math, science or writing do corrections or review for retake. Students that have D’s/F’s on progress reports-must bring questions from HW. Use question form. Walk-ins welcome.


Welcome Back Eagles!

Please be sure to sign up for a club or organization. It is important that you purchase your ASB card to:

  • Gain access to free entrance to all 605 League games. (each game is $8.00 to enter)
  • Save money on ASB dances and activities
  • Community discount sticker on the back
  • FREE JGHS Lanyard
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Here are a few clubs we have on campus

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  • Boys Soccer Open Workouts: Every Tuesday & Thursday from 3:00-5:00 PM. Meet at the JV Baseball Field (near Foster Rd).
  • Girls Soccer Tryouts: August 31 & September 2 from 5:00-6:30. Meet on Foster Rd JV Field side.
  • Boys Basketball Open Workouts: Every Monday & Wednesday from 5:45-8:00 PM. Meet in the JGHS Gym.
  • Boys Wrestling Frosh/Soph Tryouts: August 30 & September 1 from 3:00-5:00 PM.
  • Girls Tennis will begin their season next week: 8/31 vs. Valley Christian @ JG AND 9/2/ @ South El Monte
  • Girls Volleyball: This week’s results: 8/24/21 - vs. Firebaugh @ JG (lost in 5 games), 8/26/21 - vs. South El Monte @ JG
  • Girls Volleyball Upcoming Games: 8/30/21 - vs. Arroyo @ Arroyo, 9/2/21 - vs. Norwalk @ JG
  • Cheer Tryouts: September 27 - 29. September 27 & 28 (Clinic Portion) will be held from 4:00-6:00 PM. Meet near the 900 building. Tryouts will be held on Sept. 29 from 3:30-5:30 PM.
  • Football: First home game vs. Cabrillo on Friday, Sept. 3 at John Glenn. Game time 7:00 PM. All students with an ASB sticker will get in free!

Introducing the New Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit. This Is a famous saying by Coach John Wooden. I am honored and blessed to have been named the new Boys Basketball Head Coach here at John Glenn High School. The past few years I have had the opportunity to coach student athletes at both West Covina and Santa Fe High Schools. I am beyond excited to start my career here as an Eagle. I grew up in La Mirada but became a student athlete at basketball powerhouse Sonora High School. Our goal as a basketball program is to give maximum effort, play with passion, and put out a product that Eagle Nation will be proud of. I look forward to working with the amazing administration and staff here at John Glenn, but more importantly seeing the dynamic student body at the games this season. Go Eagles!!!

If you have any interest in joining the team, please reachout to Coach Abebe, Samabebe2692@gmail.com

Thank you,

Coach Samuel Abebe

Reminder to Contact Coaches

Please remember to contact coaches directly if you have any questions regarding tryouts and other specific sport related questions. We will do our best to share tryout schedules and other information here, but coaches are a great point of contact for specific sports information.
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Important Sports Documents

The following links will provide you with the some of the necessary forms to participate on a sports team. Again, we encourage and expect all students to participate in a sport during their time with us.

Sports Physical Form

Athletic Clearance Directions

Coaches List and Contact Info


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Health and Wellness

Health On Wheels, the NLMUSD school-based clinic, is now providing FREE pediatric immunizations to qualifying students. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing protocols will be strictly enforced. All participants are required to wear a mask. Clinic hours are Monday- Friday 8:30am- 2:00pm at Waite Middle School. Please call the HOW clinic at 562-292-0760 to schedule an appointment.

City of Norwalk Public Safety: Please find flyers from the City of Norwalk at the following link:

City of Norwalk Pedestrian/Bicyclist Safety

Stay Connected

As we return to in-person learning, communication is vital. We will offer many parent opportunities to engage throughout the year. Please read the weekly newsletter to stay connected.

Please make sure that we have your most current contact information.

Glenn High School Dress code

We will be introducing some lessons in classes over the next few weeks regarding our school dress code. In the meantime, please review the dress code below and help ensure that it is adhered to.

Appropriate clothing and grooming are required as mandated by California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sect. 302; & BP 5595. The Board of Education requires all students attending district schools to be suitably groomed and to wear clothing that is neat, clean, safe, and appropriate for school activities. Garments that are known to support or encourage violence, sexually suggestive or distracting to instruction, gang affiliation, tagger/crew related, drug or alcohol use, criminal or immoral behavior, profanity, or which lack modesty are not permitted.

If at any time a student’s dress is such that it distracts from or disrupts the educational process, he/she will be given loaner clothing or may be required to return home to make appropriate changes in dress or grooming.

Students and parents are to understand that a school is an educational institution and that proper attire, footwear, and grooming are required at all times. Visible tattoos or body graffiti, whether permanent or temporary, are discouraged. An effort to conceal these must be made by the student. Although the school is responsible for reinforcing the dress code, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that students come to school properly groomed and attired.

The following items are NOT ALLOWED on the John Glenn High School Campus or any school related events, such as after school and evening events, sporting events, summer school and off campus events.


2. Immodest clothing, such as, but not limited to, halter tops, low-cut, strapless, spaghetti strap or off-the-shoulder tops, sheer/see-through tops, bare midriffs, short shorts or skirts, visible undergarments, and other items. Shoulder straps on tank tops and muscle shirts or other tops must be a minimum of two inches. Extra-long shirts not tucked, extending beyond the finger-tips when arms are stretched downward at the side. NO OVERSIZED CLOTHING.

3. Pants or shorts that ride below the waist. Pants that cannot stay at the waistline or that cause undergarments to be visible (sagging). Pants must not be baggy or exceed waist size by more than two inches. (No pajama pants of any kind.) Shorts must be at least the length of the finger-tips when arms are stretched downward at the side. Pants/shorts should not be larger than five (5) inches when extended from any point of the leg.

4. Pant cuffs that drag on the ground.

5. Excessively worn pants that have slits, frayed cuffs, or frayed holes that display or expose any body parts or undergarments. Rips in jeans must be below the length of the fingertips when arms are stretched downward at the side (same as the rule with shorts).

6. Military styled metal belt buckles that are worn with a long, hanging end, or have initials or other symbols or insignias.

7. Shorts longer than knee length (NO LONGER THAN 2-INCHES PAST KNEE) with socks worn above the hem-line of the short. (SOCKS NO HIGHER THAN 4 INCHES).

8. Clothing, jewelry, and/or tattoos that advocates violence, racism, sexism and/or sexually explicit material or that displays offensive, demeaning or gang related symbols or significance (including colors identified by sheriffs as gang-related), language or writing. Also, clothing (including jerseys), school supplies or personal items promoting tagging/gang or prison logos and/or profanity. Items with R.I.P. (Rest in Peace Messages) are also prohibited.

9. Clothing, jewelry, or tattoos promoting inappropriate messages, such as, the use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, other harmful substances, and/or profanity.

10. Any chains or accessories worn on the body or that hang from clothing or which may be used as a weapon, or which may be a safety hazard to the wearer or others or impedes the maintenance of a safe campus.

This policy applies to John Glenn High School students when they are on campus, at any school sponsored event or activity regardless of weather conditions. The following consequences may be initiated when students violate any of the above policies:

A. Students may be sent home to change clothing or change into their PE clothing (1st Offense). Parent contact.

B. Students may be assigned detention and sent home to change clothing or change into their PE clothing (2nd Offense). Parent contact.

C. Students may be assigned to Saturday School, sent home to change clothing or change into their PE clothing (3rd Offense). Parent contact.

D. Parent Contact and conference with administrator. Behavioral Contract.

E. Students may be suspended from school. Parent contact and conference.

John Glenn High School reserves the right to amend the Dress Code Policy at any time during the school year or summer when in the best interest of ensuring school safety and promoting a positive learning environment for the student body. All students and parents are provided with information about the Dress Code policy at the time of student registration. A copy of this policy signed by student and parent will be kept on file. We appreciate your support of a safe and positive learning environment.



Mission Statement:

All students will attain the knowledge, competencies, and leadership skills to be future ready, productive citizens who improve our community.

Vision Statement and School Wide Learner Outcomes:

John Glenn High School will graduate students who can pursue post-secondary options of their choice. They will become:

  • Strategic Problem Solvers and Thinkers
  • Technologically Proficient Communicators and Collaborators
  • Academic Achievers
  • Responsible, Ethical, and Productive Global Citizens

Need to Revisit Information from a previous newsletter?

Our goal is to keep students and parents informed and updated. This newsletter is the best way for us to consolidate all of that information for you each week. With that being said, we realize you may not be able to absorb it all at once. All previous Principals Newsletters are available on the school website. Click here to view previous dates.
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