Carolina Hurricanes up for sale?

Will the team remain in North Carolina ?

Why sell now?

Carolina Hurricanes Hockey team owner Peter Karmanos made a statement on Monday September 22nd stating he would entertain offers for his majority share of the team. He said that he wanted to start planning ahead so there would be continuity of the team, hopefully with people in NC. "I am 71 years old, I have a wife and 4 young kids, I need to plan" he stated, Forbes magazine valued the Hurricanes at $187 million dollars, Mr Kamanos thinks they would be worth more than $400 million dollars, the NY islanders sold recently for $420 million dollars, and Forbes had valued them at $197 million dollars, the sale of the Hurricanes would not mean the team would leave NC, they have a contract with the Centennial Authority, who oversee the PNC Arena, the home of the Hurricanes, the contract runs through 2024, so they could not leave for another decade.

Would there be a global impact?

There would not be a global impact if the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey team were to be sold, although Hockey is played in the USA, Canada and Europe, there would be no Economic, Environmental or Humanitarian impact on the world.

Would there be an impact on the USA?

There would be a regional impact on the USA, if the team were sold and moved to another city, there may be a need to build an arena for the team,this would provide short term building jobs, and long term jobs at the arena, there would also be an increase in tax revenue from the team, and it's players.

Would there be an impact on NC

There would be an Economic impact on NC if the Carolina Hurricanes are sold, and moved, the Carolina Hurricanes team pays taxes, as do the players, this revenue would be lost, also the players own personal property, the team has a charity called the Kids and Community foundation, they donate resources and time to many local charities, those charities would lose that income, there would also be jobs lost at the PNC Arena.

Would there be an impact on Goldsboro and Rosewood?

There would be a minimal Economic impact on Goldsboro, there are people that work at PNC Arena during hockey season, they would no longer have a job, Goldsboro is the 4th largest Season Ticket Holder market, so there would be a lot of disappointed people, my family and I have season tickets, we would miss the time we spend together as a family when we are at games.