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Is website Designing & Development Same?

It has been seen that people widely use website designing and website development for referring the same entity. Is it really right or their meaning can be interchanged or people mistakenly consider it the same? To avoid the confusion, let’s understand the term in detail put forwarded by Website And Graphic Design Agency.

Web Design- A website designer is more concerned about the overall look of the website which is presented before the customers. Professional web designers understand the essence of having an attractive looking website manifesting all the features that a customer looks for. Not only this, designing a website which customers find easy to navigate is the best considered quality of any designer.

Web Development- It acts like a back end team of company. Web developers are mostly responsible for programming and interacting within the website. Developers are mainly responsible for developing the website; they know how to program CGI and languages like PHP. Basically, they work effectively to make website run effectively.

There are many people who often confuse between these two terms and blur between the lines, says Website Design Firm. It is expected that a designer and a developer should know about what they are supposed to work.

Designing & Development is Different!

After understanding both the terms separately, one should not confuse between designing and development. Every company has a different team of designers and developers who have entirely different things to do. A designer can never have complete knowledge of Java script, PHP and HTML. Though, little knowledge is okay as both the teams could work together and information can be exchanged between them but complete understanding is simply not possible. In the same way, developers cannot have complete information about each and every aspect of designing of the website.

The success of a website is greatly defined by development as well as designing. No one aspect alone can make the difference and both are needed. Clients look for a website which is well designed, user friendly, easy to navigate, good to see and such more. These are the features of designing and development together but the individual who is responsible for doing the job has a good understanding of it.

The basic difference website developer and designer is that a developer will build a good website while a designer emphasizes on making a page looking good. There is a lot of difference between a website and a page looking good. If a website is looking good, it means it is easy to navigate and user friendly while if a web page is looking good, it has nothing to do with user friendliness. Designer is all after look of the page, making it attractive and adding more features and sections to it.

Not everyone knows the difference of designer and developer and gets confused with both the terms. But if you are anyways related to this profession, you need to have good understanding of it in every term.