Food & Culture

Brazilian Culture

Brazil has people of many different ethnicities. Italian, German,African, Portuguese , and Native American cuisine has had an influence on Brazilian food. Explorers and the various early settlers of Brazil have introduced a numerous amount of animals and plants from their homeland.

Brazilian Customs & Holidays

* On New Year's, its customary to eat pomegranate seeds for good luck.

* Brazilians eat candied pumpkins on Dia de Los Muertos

* On Christmas, the traditional dinner consists of kale with lots of garlic, local fruits, nut, signature Brazilian rice (white rice cooked with garlic and onions in oil), ham, salad,and Rabonada (Brazilian version of French toast.

Staple Foods

Arroz (white rice), beans,bananas,shrimp,pork,coconut,papaya,maize (its like corn), lemon/lime ,mango,acai ,cupuacu, passion fruit are staples in Brazi

Spices & Herbs

Traditional Dishes

Unusual Foods