Bailey Kirk


Bailey Kirk was born in Chicago, Illinois to two loving parents, Tera Blair and Kendall Kirk. She currently resides in Haslet, Texas with her other three siblings. Bailey experienced a couple of hardships when her parents divorced. She was around 12 years old when they split and she had a tough time with the divorce and her mother wasn't financially stable. Bailey uses her parent's divorce for motivation and all she hopes for in life is her mother to be blessed with the life she deserves. Bailey started writing poetry in 3rd grade when she wrote an acrostic poem about her self. Although writing poetry isn't her strongest suit, she does enjoy reading poetry very much. Her favorite type of poems are narrative poems. Bailey hopes you enjoy her works!

Where I'm From

I am from paper towels, from Orville Redenbacher and caramel popcorn,

I am from the crowded, tidy, red bricked two story,

I am from the crab apple tree, the tomato plants,

I am from card playing after dinner and stubbornness, from Kirk and Blair,

I am from the drama queens and the constant discussions about politics,

From "don't worry they will like you," and "stop asking so many questions,"

I am from remarks such as "We will make it there this Sunday," but never actually making it,

I am from Chicago, Illinois and Scotland, home-made chicken and noodles and sweet tea,

From the family get together where we made a "redneck" slip and slide, and the ski trip where my brother ran into a tree,

I am from the pictures found in boxes, on walls, in drawers, and in half finished scrapbooks because we have too many pictures and special memories to keep track of them all.


She keeps it all in

All of her thoughts, emotions, remarks

She keeps it all in

In fear of society's opinions

She keeps in all in

To not get hurt

She keeps it all in

Until one night she breaks

And all she can see through her watery eyes

Are her thoughts, emotions, remarks

Written into poetry on paper


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Ode to my Eyes

I'm very thankful for you

Even though I have to wear glasses

And contacts

Just to see correctly

I'm still very glad I have you

You allow me to see

The sparkling stars

In a beautiful night sky

The roaring, blue ocean

Crashing against the pale yellow shore

The red, white and blue volleyball

As it travels across the net

For if I was blind

I wouldn't be able to enjoy those landscapes and activities


I'm very thankful for the color of you

You allow me to be different from everyone else

So, thank you, eyes

For allowing me to be extra special


Life without you would be tragic

For I would have no guiding figure

And the change I would undergo would be drastic

To the point where I would be bitter

You always stand by my side

Even when I may make a doubtful choice

You're always there when I need a guide

With your steady and calming voice

You encourage me to do my best

And give me great amounts of motivation

And even when I'm most stressed

You help me with collaboration

I appreciate everything you sacrifice for me

And I promise to love you with all I can be


One of my favorites is my "Where I'm From" poem. I used some humor and light hearted lines to help the reader feel content. Another one of my favorites is my narrative poem. I intended to give the reader some understanding of how society can impact a person. The girl in the poem is afraid to express herself because she doesn't want others to think that she is "weird, annoying, ugly, etc." I used some of my own experiences for inspiration to write this poem. I hope you enjoyed my poems!