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Most Reliable Elementary Newspaper, November Edition

Students Work Well Despite Time Crunch, By Mrs. Blackwelder and Mrs. Register

Our staff has been hard at work this month, and they've got some great stories to share with you! Although we've had less work time this month (hooray for Thanksgiving Break!), our writers have persevered and produced some of their best work yet! Take a look at the writing, links, videos, and podcasts these amazing students have contributed. You can count on the Falcon staff to keep you informed and entertained over the holiday weekend!

Hurricane Joaquin: We Can Still Help! By Maddison B. and Tiffany F.

Have you ever been in a hurricane? If not, you can still help people who have, just like Emma Garthwaite. She donated her birthday presents to the people that were in Hurricane Joaquin and did not have anything. She said, “I challenge every child to donate one thing from their birthday or Christmas and give it to someone in need.” Emma helped many people and you can too! For those who would like to donate their presents to children affected by the flood, you can send them to their address at WLTX, and they will be included in their Stuff-A-Bus, which goes to Salvation Army:

C/O Emma Garthwaite

6027 Garners Ferry Rd.

Fall, By Jashan R.

It’s turning fall and is getting colder every day. October and part of November are in fall. Lots of leaves are going to fall that you’ll have to rake up. The leaves in fall change different colors such as various shades of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue, and brown. Once it gets really cold you should start wearing jackets. Lots of attractions open in October and November that are in fall such as haunted houses, corn mazes, and pumpkin carving. The store will have many pumpkins for pumpkin foods like pie and for carving jack-o-

lanterns. Those are things that are happening in fall.

All About Me, By Gerleah R.

I have two baby brothers and two sisters. I am eight years old . My dad’s a welder. That’s great because the car breaks down sometimes and he can fix it. my best friends are in newspaper staff (Mady and Kamira). My sisters’ names are London and Geriyah. My brothers’ names are Keshaw and Geremiah. I LOVE Mrs. Holland and Mrs. Harris from this year and last year. I don’t like to do dishes. My favorite thing to eat is home-cooked food.

Technology in Our School, Photo By Hannah M.

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Clemson/USC Reading Competition Survey, By Rebecca R.

Click the link below to participate in our survey!

Online Games, By Norma R.

I have found a new online game for everyone. It’s called Papa’s Cupcakeria and its fun to play. It’s on www. Primary games/Papa’s Cupcakeria so have fun playing it. You can serve people from the game and they would give you money but you give them their cupcake that the people ordered on the note pad where they take orders. I like this game because you have to give the people what they ordered or else they won’t give you a lot of money. You also get to get posters and the workers put the posters inside the restaurant.


I found another fun game and you’re probably going to like to play it. If you want to play it you just go on http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-fireboy-watergirl-2-light-temple and water girl light temple. There has to be 2 players to control water girl and fire boy. The arrows are to control fire boy and AWD is to control water girl. I picked this game because you have to help each other out and you can have fun with your friend.

Dear Ruby,

I need your HELP! My two friends always argue. I want them to stop.

Your friend, M.

Dear M,

Try to find something that they have in common. Try to bring them together by that bond. Like if it is 4 square, try to have them play and you cheer on both sides like “you go guys!!” or something like that. Signing off, Ruby

All About Me, By Mady B.

I have four brothers and four sisters. I have two dogs and zero cats. I have a lot of friends and my teacher is Miss Harris. My sisters’ names are Emilee, Lykens, Kyler and Joslin. My brothers’ names are Dowson, Kendal, Eli and Alkies. My mom’s name is Ashley and my dad’s name is Josh. My nana’s name is Vanessa. I have a lot of family and friends. I think that my whole family is great. The things I like to eat are macaroni, pizza, and potatoes. I love to jump on my trampoline, play tag, and play outside. Eli and I play tag together. My sisters and I like to play and dress up. I think my brother and sisters are great.

Meet Kamira H.

I have many different favorite colors like blue, pink, aqua and yellow. I have two brothers and one sister. Their names are Jamya, Joshua, and Elijah.

I like to play board games with my family and friends. My favorite board game is Connect Four. My favorite subject in school is spelling. I like spelling because I can memorize it. I always get 100 on my test. My favorite food is spaghetti. I really love this school. I really love to learn because learning can help you get smarter. Being smart is a good thing. Spring is my favorite season because it is the best kind of weather. My birthday is in spring.

State News, By Alex B.

Recently a teenager fought a cop at an unknown school. The teenager punched the cop twice and the cop resulted in picking them up off the ground and slamming the teenager on the ground and wrestling them to the ground. After the incident the cop was fired. My opinion is that neither of them took it well. I think that because the teenager punched the cop and that wasn’t right but a cop slamming a teenager onto the ground, well that definitely wasn’t right either. What’s your opinion?

Word Games, By Jennifer E.

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Child Treatment, By Anna Kate S.

Don’t you hate it when you hear adults aren’t being nice to children? Well it happens every day. Just weeks ago the director of Mt.Zion started fostering a little girl. She was badly scarred. She has scars on her legs, stomach, back, and feet. Now her birth parents are very far away from her. Now her favorite thing to do is let her feet breathe. Now she has a safe home and very loving parents and siblings. You can tell God has a plan for everyone.

How do you think kids should be treated? Well I think adult should give kids at least a little bit of respect.

What’s Your Favorite Part about Thanksgiving? By Julia E.Y.

Many people celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving happened years ago it was when Native Americans had a celebration with the settlers. This year it takes place the fourth Thursday in November. I decided to ask some of friends what their favorite part of thanksgiving is. Here are some the things they responded with. “My family, I love spending time with my family.” said one of my close friends. “FOOD! I love the turkey and mashed potatoes they are amazing!!” blurted out a friend of mine. Those are the two major things my friends told me. My favorite part is…the food! I love hanging out with my family to but I just love the turkey and ham! What’s your favorite part about Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving, By Amaya J.

Thanksgiving is where you can hang out and enjoy time with your family. I love to spend time with my family while eating delicious food, like turkey, and sweet potato pie with baked marshmallows on top. For dessert we have hot fudge brownie cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Most of the time my family from far away comes for Thanksgiving and they spend the Thanksgiving holiday with me. Thanksgiving isn’t all about the food, it is about spending time with family and friends and being thankful for all that you have.

Activities for family fun

· Watch fun and relaxing movies and Cartoons like Hallmark Christmas movies

· Make and play games

· Snuggle next to the fire

· Eat

Just remember, have a great Thanksgiving!

All About Me, By Olivia B.

I was born in South Carolina on September 8, 2005. I have 5 sisters. My favorite sports are soccer and volleyball. I love to play those sports because they get you smarter also active it also makes you want education and help them learn new things they haven't learned so when they get to the next grade they can already know a little bit. I love to help teachers when they are down or sad I tell them you are beautiful you are strong you can do this take a breath in and take a breath out to calm them down. I love to be a little helper and help them calm down. The things I like in school are helping others also learning new things for the next grade I mostly like spelling and reading and Social Studies because we get to learn about biographies and who invented interesting things. I have a book buddie named Aniyah and she is a sweet girl to everyone the only thing she likes is to laugh at EVERYTHING! Aniyah has a very beautiful smile. Aniyah and I love the football team Gamecocks.

Thanksgiving, By Justin S.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you have a good time. Even if you don’t celebrate you can still have fun and play with friends! Thanksgiving is coming up soon so you better be ready to have fun playing and eating! You don’t have to celebrate or eat any thanksgiving food types; you can do whatever you want. What is important is being thankful for what God has given us. If you do celebrate eat some turkey, mash potatoes, and any other food you want! Go play outside and jump into leaves and most importantly have FUN! I hope you have a fun time even if you celebrate or do not.

Sports, By Amira L.

Did you know the Gamecocks head Coach Steve Spurrier retired October 12, 2015? Spurrier has been with the Gamecocks for more than 10 years. Some people find this surprising that Spurrier is just know retiring. I feel bad that Spurrier is retiring because he was a good coach. So how do you feel about Spurrier retiring? From this day forward offensive line Shawn Elliot will be acting head coach.

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