The Los Angeles Lakers

And their information

Team Information



City-Los Angeles

Longitude-34.05 North

Latitude-118.25 West

West Region

English is spoken here

Interesting facts:

Population of Los angeles 3.858 million

The city of Los Angeles is 472 square miles big

LA is a part of a five-county area

Physical features of this region:

There are the rocky mountains nearby L A

There is the clear lake volcano which is near San Fransisco

The Pacific Ocean is near Los Angeles

Team Mascot/Team nickname Information

The mascots name is Eagle the dog

And their nickname is "The Lakers"

And the lakers does not connect to their current region, but where they used to be, Minneapolis. And here there are many lakes, therefore ships, becoming the name Lakers (as in large ships)

More team information

Est. 1947

Founded by Sid Hartman, Ben Berger, and Morris Chalfon

This mascot does not connect to this region

The lakers moved to Los Angeles because the dodgers(a baseball team) did the same and were a huge succsess

The Staples Center

The arena where they play

Is called this because Staples sponsors them

Also it used to be called new major concert venue