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Russell Broncos - Weekly Activities Update - (9/16/21)

Welcome to The Bucking Chute!

Welcome to The Bucking Chute, the weekly online newsletter for athletic and activity programs at Russell County USD 407. In a rodeo, the moments before the gate on the bucking chute opens can be some of the most suspenseful moments of the entire event. The moments that follow, when the Bronco is turned loose, can provide some of the most exciting moments of the rodeo. We feel the same way about our Russell Broncos. We will send this out weekly as we lead up to the events of the coming week!

Help Wanted for Saturday's Volleyball Tournament!!!

RHS is hosting the Russell Volleyball Invitational on Saturday (Sept. 18) starting at 9:00 a.m. We could still use a few more workers (book keepers, libero trackers, etc.) to help give some of our dedicated workers a break. If we are able, we would prefer to set up work shifts. If you'd be interested in and/or willing to volunteer your time and services, contact Scott Nuss (!

Homecoming 2021 Recap

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Homecoming Game

Booster Club Membership Drive

The RHS Booster Club has new leadership, and is accepting membership applications for the 2021-22 school year. Download the file below, or stop by the RHS office to pick up a form! The Broncos can't do what they do without the Booster Club's support!

Bold - Resilient - Open-Minded - Noticeable - Curious - Optimistic - Selfless


Kassidy Hobbs - RHS Volleyball

Kassidy is a senior on the RHS volleyball team. Through the first nine matches of the season, she had recorded 70 digs, and 14 service aces, including six aces in a two-set win over Stockton in last weekend's Trego tournament.

Coach Nehls on Kassidy...

Kassidy is a hard-working and dedicated student-athlete. She strives to get better each day, and pushes those around her to be better.

What Makes Kassidy a B.R.O.N.C.O.?

Kassidy is someone who her teammates and coaches can trust and rely on. She shows up everyday, and has a selfless and optimistic attitude. She does things the right way, and holds her teammates accountable.

RHS is Recruiting National Anthem Singers

If you love to sing, and crowds don't bother you, we need to talk! RHS is looking for National Anthem singers for the upcoming sports season. Anybody interested should contact Scott Nuss, USD 407 Activities Director, at


Jennifer Ode - RHS Velocity Dance Team - Head Coach


Russell, KS

What's Your Day Job (i.e. What do you teach?):

I am a full time daycare provider.

How long have you been in Russell?:

24 years

What is something others may not know about you?:

I love photography, and would like to pursue it in the future.

What's the best coaching quote you've ever heard?
"Practice like you'll perform. There are no lazy days!"

Why do you love coaching?
I love coaching because I love being involved with today's youth. Being able to see them hit personal goals, and grow, both as an athlete and as an individual, is amazing. I also love to see friendships build within our team, and outside of practice.

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REMINDER - Fan Ejection Policy

The Kansas State High School Activities Association is cracking down on poor fan behavior at athletic and activity competitions this season, and Russell is doing the same. KSHSAA has its own set of rules, but lets the local district have the first opportunity to enforce their own rules. So here's what you need to know as we jump into the 2021-22 season...

Fan Ejections: Any member of a Russell crowd, who is ejected from a game (by an official or an administrator) for unsportsmanlike conduct toward an official, or a participant, will face a one-game suspension. To be clear, they will not be able to attend the next game, whether it's at home or on the road.

Additionally, any member of a Russell crowd, who prompts an "If I hear one more word, that person will need to leave" scenario, from an official or an administrator, will be removed from that contest as a proactive measure. Quite simply, there is no reason for this behavior to reach that point.

A new KSHSAA rule offers a similar consequence.
"Any participant (player, coach, spectator) who is ejected for making contact with an official, or who is ejected for unsporting behavior directed toward an official, shall be subject to a non-appealable suspension from the next contest at that level, and for all contests at any level (in that activity) until the suspension has been served. Local school leadership may levy additional sanctions as they deem appropriate

It's very simple...please let the officials do their jobs, and leave them alone. KSHSAA has lost more than 500 officials across the state in the last year. We need to take care of the officials who work our contests.

Recent Game Highlights

RHS Girls Golf at Larned

Thursday, Sep. 16th, 10am

681 East 14th Street

Larned, KS

RHS Cross Country at Trego

Thursday, Sep. 16th, 4:30pm

J Road

WaKeeney, KS

RMS Volleyball vs. Oakley

Thursday, Sep. 16th, 4:30pm

400 North Elm Street

Russell, KS

RMS Football vs. Oakley

Thursday, Sep. 16th, 6pm

565 State Street

Russell, KS

RHS Football at Norton

Friday, Sep. 17th, 7pm

Elmwood Park, Norton, KS, USA

Norton, KS

RMS Volleyball at Oakley Tournament

Saturday, Sep. 18th, 8:30am



Monument School Gym

1. Leoti vs. Hoxie (8:00 a.m.)

2. Norton vs. Russell

3. Leoti vs. Norton

4. Hoxie vs. Russell

5. Leoti vs. Russell

6. Hoxie vs. Norton

RHS Volleyball - Russell Volleyball Invitational

Saturday, Sep. 18th, 9am

565 State Street

Russell, KS

Tournament Schedule

1. Russell vs. Hoisington (9:00 a.m. - East Court)

2. Central Plains vs. Minneapolis (9:00 a.m. - West Court)

3. Goodland vs. Wichita Southeast (Next Available)

4. Topeka West vs. Norton (Next Available)

5. Hoisington vs. Goodland

6. Minneapolis vs. Norton

7. Russell vs. Wichita Southeast

8. Central Plains ve. Topeka West

9. Hoisington vs. Wichita Southeast

10. Minneapolis vs. Topeka West

11. Russell vs. Goodland

12. Central Plains vs. Norton

13. Consolation 1 (West Court)

14. Consolation 2 (East Court)

15. Semifinal #1 (A2 vs. B1 - West Court)

16. Semifinal #2 (A1 vs. B2 - East Court)

17. 3rd Place Match (West Court)

18. Championship Match (East Court)

RHS Girls' Golf - Russell Invitational

Monday, Sep. 20th, 3pm

1054 East 2nd Street

Russell, KS

Teams Participating


Great Bend







RHS "C" Volleyball vs. Minneapolis/Norton

Monday, Sep. 20th, 5pm

400 North Elm Street

Russell, KS

5:00 - Russell vs. Minneapolis

6:00 - Minneapolis vs. Norton

7:00 - Russell vs. Norton

**Minneapolis has replaced Smith Center, whose "C" team was unable to attend due to quarantine**

RHS JV Football vs. Norton

Monday, Sep. 20th, 6pm

565 State Street

Russell, KS

RHS Cross Country at Southeast of Saline

Tuesday, Sep. 21st, 4:30pm

5056 Kansas 4

Gypsum, KS

RHS V/JV Volleyball vs. Stockton/Oakley

Tuesday, Sep. 21st, 5pm

565 State Street

Russell, KS

5:00 - Russell vs. Stockton

6:00 - Stockton vs. Oakley

7:00 - Russell vs. Oakley